The Channel's Leading VoIP Reseller Partner Program

CoreDial Partners are using CoreNexa Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) & VoIP (Voice over IP) services to offer a high-quality, scalable solution, with the proven calling features our partners need to excel in their desired markets.

What Channel Partners love about CoreDial.

  Full control of all retail pricing, delivery, and the customer relationship
  Two Partner benefiting Channel programs with industry leading profit margins
  Personalized sales and marketing content and material to help you sell and up-sell
  Automated invoicing under your brand, not ours
  Sticky, monthly recurring revenue
  A Partner Success Program that recognizes and rewards growing Partners

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Over 85% of new VoIP Reseller Partners close their first deal in less than 45 days.

Our private-label business model is built from the ground up to help our Partners succeed with cloud communications.

Backed by a fully Geo-redundant infrastructure, our solutions offer industry-leading service and reliability, giving our Partners competitive, margin-rich offerings that help them differentiate and deliver value to their customers.

A Complete Cloud Communications Suite


High definition calls


Voice 2 text


Personal meeting rooms

Multi-person conferencing

Screen share


Hosted SMS

Contact Matching

Message history


iOS & Android

Use your own smartphone

Complete privacy protection

These are just a few features that users love about our cloud communications suite.

Talk with one of our experienced team members to learn more about our Channel leading VoIP reseller program.