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Top Notch Network on Track to Double Revenue


CoreDial is committed to enabling success through programs that allow our partners to offer robust solutions and realize unparalleled profit margins. Partners, like Top Notch Networks, are able to meet customers’ demands and double revenue with CoreDial’s Hosted VoIP and Cloud Communications.

By switching to CoreDial, Top Notch Networks was able to:
  • Generate Revenue within days after moving its communications to CoreDial
  • Offer true Private Label Solutions to their customers
  • Sustain Success by creating tighter relationships with end-users 
  • Land New, Larger Customers and much more!

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We have found that user acceptance of hosted VoIP is very high right now. Customers are happy to hand over a traditionally separate service to our company. The addition of VoIP services has allowed our customers to worry about one less thing, and let us take care of it for them. In addition, the features, and flexibility sell the product by themselves. It has been an extremely simple sell.

— Justin Brown, Top Notch Networks Partner


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