Why VoIP is Your Best Option for Teleconferencing

As a VoIP reseller, you need to inform your clients of the newest technological trends that can benefit their businesses. One of the largest perks that sets VoIP apart from landline phone services is the ability to engage in videoconferencing. This provides a number of key advantages to businesses that will enable them to optimize efficiency and decrease business costs. By educating yourself on the primary selling points of videoconferencing, you can attract more clients and increase your service sales.


Videoconferencing enables you to attend important meetings from the comfort of your sofa.

  1. Save time: In the business world, time is of the essence. With the innumerable tasks business owners have to attend to every day, shaving even a minute off of their schedule can be extremely valuable. With videoconferencing, employees from different locations can easily attend important business meetings without having to physically travel to the location. This is ideal for employees that work from home or are regularly away on business. It significantly reduces commute time for employees, thereby maximizing workplace efficiency.  

  2. Increase collaboration: Videoconferencing enables employees from different branches or overseas locations to easily correspond at any time, providing increased collaboration and communication among branches. It also personalizes the meetings by providing face-to-face encounters, rather than the impersonal nature of traditional phone conferencing. The personal feel of videoconferencing can help to boost employee morale and decrease miscommunications in meetings.

  3. Save money: With the price of travel becoming increasingly more costly, one of the major expenses among companies is the flying involved in routine business travel. Fortunately, videoconferencing significantly reduces the need for business travel by enabling telecommuters and out-of-state employees to attend a meeting from wherever they are. With less money spent on travel, businesses can considerably cut overhead costs and apply their funding to more critical investments.

  4. Increases versatility: We live in an era of global business. In order for businesses to excel, they need to be willing to extend their reach as far as possible, which often means conducting business with overseas workers or investors. Teleconferencing simplifies and personalizes communication among overseas investors, thus enhancing a company's ability to globalize their business model.

  5. Improve work-life balance: Videoconferencing provides employees a way to spend less time at work and more time devoted to their family, friends, and hobbies. With less time commuting and physically attending meetings and conferences, you can increase the morale of your workforce and create a happier, more laid-back work environment.

    Videoconferencing improves work-life balance by allowing you to spend less time commuting to meetings and more time with family.

  6. Enables time-sensitive meetings: Sometimes business owners have no choice but to schedule a meeting at the last minute, leaving some employees unable to attend. With videoconferencing last-minute meetings are less burdensome, as employees can attend the meeting from anywhere, even from their iPhone in the back of a taxicab.

Videoconferencing is growing in popularity among businesses due to the personalization, versatility, cost reduction, and increased efficiency it provides. As a VoIP reseller, displaying the clear benefits of videoconferences to your end-users can help to boost your personal earnings and appeal to a wider array of clients. Read more about the unique cloud-based services your end-users desire, so you can continue to grow your recurring revenue.

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