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Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential to Selling Unified Communications

Social media marketing is no longer optional. As of January 2017, there were 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide. Facebook alone has 1.9 billion unique monthly users and remains the most popular social media website in the world.

These days, UCaaS providers must leverage the power of social media to stay competitive and grow their business. If you’re still not convinced social media is necessary, we’re sharing why it plays an integral role in your UCaaS marketing.
Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential to Selling Unified Communications5 Benefits of Social Media for UCaaS Providers

1) Gain actionable customer insights

Successful companies get to know their customers and what they care about most. Social media provides a wealth of information about your customers helping you gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, their interests, needs and how they feel about your business and UCaaS services.

Use social listening and engagement to collect relevant customer data and make better, more informed business decisions. Follow conversations surrounding your business in real-time by using tools like HootSuite Insights. Develop a clear picture of your customers’ needs and interests and how you can provide the most value to them.

2) Strengthen brand awareness and loyalty

Keep your brand top of mind by building a strong presence on social media. When you connect with followers on social media, you improve customer retention and brand loyalty.

Social Habit found that 53 percent of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands. Loyal customers are more likely to share, like and engage with your content and social posts and spread the word about your UCaaS services.

Make sure you’re responding to comments (both positive and negative), sharing relevant content that speaks to your audience’s interests, and including social sharing buttons on your blog and landing pages for downloadable content.

3) Improve customer service

More than 67 percent of consumers now use a company’s social media page for customer service requests. They expect fast responses (42 percent expect to hear back within an hour) and high-quality service.

It’s vital to respond quickly to customers, address their concerns, and answer any questions about your UCaaS solutions. Stay on top of customer comments with tools like Sprout Social. These tools make it easy to set up notifications and respond to customers across social media accounts.

Try to reply to comments or messages within one hour. If you don’t have an answer right away, acknowledge the issue and let them know you’re looking into it. If possible, take any negative conversations offline or move the conversation to a private message. In doing this, you prevent customers from sharing information publicly that you’d rather keep private.

Tell them when they should expect to hear back from you to set a realistic timeframe. Providing fast customer support through social media allows you to improve connections with customers and extend your reach.

4) Stay ahead of the competition

Keep an eye on the competition and see what’s happening in the unified communications industry. Follow your competitors and create social streams using tools like HootSuite or Sprout Social to monitor any mention of their company and products.

See how many followers, fans or subscribers they have, what kind of engagement they’re seeing, how they gain new followers, and what type of content they’re sharing. Use this information to improve your marketing and sales and offer content, UCaaS product features or services your competitors may be missing.

5) Drive traffic to your website

Social media is a great way to promote your content and drive more traffic to your website. Attract visitors to your blog and website by sharing links to relevant content and webpages.

Follow the “80/20” rule when posting to social media. Essentially, only 20 percent of your posts should be promotional (e.g. special deals, discounts or offers). Dedicate the other 80 percent to content your audience will find useful (e.g., blog posts, guides, ebooks, case studies or educational videos). Focus more on building new and meaningful relationships with your audience rather than making a sales pitch, and you’ll see better engagement and growth.

Get into the habit of sharing every new piece of content across all your social media accounts. Make the most of your content marketing and reach a larger audience by sharing your content not just once, but multiple times.


There’s no denying that social media marketing offers numerous benefits for UCaaS providers. You showcase your commitment to customer service, reach more of your target audience, and transform prospects into lifelong customers.

Don’t miss opportunities to connect with your audience and increase brand awareness. Take advantage of social media marketing and grow your business faster. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the rewards.

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