Why More Customers Are Turning to the Business VoIP

Businesses have been turning to VoIP in hordes. A report compiled by Transparency Market Research estimates that the VoIP market will grow by 9.7% CAGR from 2014 to 2020, reaching $136.76 billion by 2020. For MSPs, it's more important than ever to become a VoIP reseller and enter into this bourgeoning industry. So, why are so many businesses turning to VoIP as their primary telecom solution?


More businesses are turning to the cloud to manage their telecom needs.

The Quality of VoIP Continues to Improve

With any new technology, many are reluctant to adopt it until it has been fully tested in the marketplace. With every passing year, VoIP becomes more reliable, advanced, agile, and feature-rich, offering more value to businesses than ever before. The continual evolution and advancement of VoIP is making it more attractive to modern businesses.

Globalization Is On the Rise

The world is becoming increasingly globalized, and many businesses routinely utilize overseas employees, operate branches in multiple geographical locations, and conduct frequent business trips. The pervasive connectivity of VoIP makes it very appealing to expanding businesses, providing them with a reliable phone network that can be used anywhere in the world.


Low Overhead Costs Are Imperative

While the economy has been improving, many businesses are still recovering from the recession. This makes overhead costs a particular source of concern for businesses. VoIP provides a much lower cost of ownership, allowing businesses to save money and increase their profit margin.

Time Is of the Essence

Efficiency has always been central to businesses, but in today's fast-paced world, it's more imperative than ever. With VoIP, businesses don't need to install new phone lines, which greatly simplifies the scaling process as their telecom needs grow.

Mobile Technology Is Growing

Mobile technology is on the rise, and businesspeople frequently conduct work from tablets, laptops, and smartphones. On-premises telecom limits their ability to talk to people when and where they want, whereas VoIP provides a versatile platform that can be accessed from any device.


Modern businesses rely heavily on mobile devices.

Customer Support Is a Growing Demand

On-premises telecom fails to deliver the same level of customer care and support that VoIP offers. Telecom is inevitably susceptible to technical errors, and customers need the assurance that their technical problems will be dealt with swiftly, so their profits don't suffer. With VoIP, customers can receive Internet-based technical assistance at any time, eliminating the need for an onsite technician to troubleshoot problems.

Many businesses are opting out of on-premises telecom altogether and instead seeking a feature-rich, VoIP platform to provide all of their telecom needs. Customers are attracted to VoIP for the enhanced security, versatility, and support that it provides. To excel as a VoIP reseller, you need to make these concepts central to your marketing tactics, as they are the critical features that will draw clients in. Browse our services to learn about our advanced VoIP platform that will help you succeed as a reseller.

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