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Why Cloud Contact Center Solutions Sell Themselves

Consumers in today’s digitally-driven business landscape demand a seamless customer experience. Nine out of 10 of them value when a business knows their account history as well as their current activities with that company1 — which is why businesses seeking to provide a more effective experience are investing in cloud contact center solutions.

As a channel partner, your focus should be on helping your customers deliver great end-to-end experiences by bringing them a cloud contact center solution aligned with their needs. There are a few strategies behind making contact center sales that will lead to greater success— both for your clients’ customer service goals and for the growth of your own business.

Journey Mapping

Businesses are looking for tools that enable great experiences throughout the entirety of a customer’s journey. This is where journey mapping comes in as part of a holistic, omni-channel solution. With journey mapping through CoreNexa Contact Center, your customers gain an end-to-end solution that doesn’t stop at one support request or a single customer interaction.

CoreNexa’s robust contact center solution supports the entire omni-channel journey. Journey mapping allows your customers to identify areas of opportunity in their customer's journey, leading to improvement in their funnels – and ultimately improving the overall business and driving success.

Omni-channel Communication

Cloud contact centers are more than simple call centers— they provide communication throughout the lifecycle of a contact via multiple digital means. CoreNexa’s solution is omni-channel and provides features and functionality that enable your clients to communicate with their customers (and potential customers) via the medium the customer prefers.

To allow for complete digital engagement, CoreNexa Contact Center's omni-channel capabilities allow customers to connect with a business via:

  • Email
  • Messaging (chat and SMS)
  • IVR (interactive voice response)

Our IVR systems provide organizations with access to cloud-based applications that can integrate with any phone system and database. Your customers can offer real-time interaction for customer service inquiries, no matter how complex.

Omni-channel Desktop for Agents

Agents need easy ways to connect and work from wherever they are, at any time – on any device. CoreNexa’s cloud contact center solution is a browser-based option that can be connected to from anywhere and enables workers to:

  • Make and take calls
  • Check voicemail
  • Utilize SMS messaging

This omni-channel desktop enables agents to do their jobs whether they’re in the office or at home. Your clients can provide seamless, productive, and remarkable interactions for their remote workers using browser-based functionality.


It’s likely that your clients already have a number of third-party solutions in place— so channel partners need to offer a cloud contact center solution that allows for easy integration. The CoreNexa platform delivers that capability.

The CoreNexa API allows businesses to deploy integrations with vital business applications such as Google, Salesforce or Office 365. CoreNexa enables your customers’ communication tools to talk to each other, so you’re maximizing the effectiveness of their existing technology while adding a leading cloud communications and collaboration platform.


Connecting with customers is only part of what makes an effective contact center. Cloud contact centers seamlessly integrated with unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions are appealing to businesses looking to improve contact center employee engagement and productivity— particularly in today’s remote and hybrid work environments.

All-in-one UCaaS enables agents to connect as seamlessly with employees as they would with customers. CoreNexa’s platform combines high-quality voice with video, chat, SMS, meetings, and advanced collaboration features— so workers have the full capabilities they would be able to access in a physical office.

Back Office Automation – a Boon for Partners

A comprehensive cloud contact center solution sells itself when it integrates easily with existing applications, enables customer journey mapping, seamlessly connects with a UCaaS solution, and allows for omni-channel service. But to make the sales process even more successful for partners, we offer CoreNexa Automation Manager (CAM), which automates the sales, delivery, management, and invoicing processes channel partners need to succeed with cloud communications.

CAM enables partners to achieve the highest margins in the industry. You’ll benefit from:

  • Automation of the end-to-end quote to cash process
  • Integration with virtually any essential business application
  • A multi-tenant platform for both customers and channel partners
  • Streamlined mass provisioning 
  • A portal that enables self-management, service, and support for customers of all sizes

Partners gain proven efficiencies and unparalleled profitability when they use CAM. You’ll onboard new customers quickly no matter the size of the deal.

Meet the Demands of Modern Customers With Cloud Contact Center

Two-thirds of companies compete based on customer experience,2 which means your clients are ready to invest in cloud contact center solutions that optimize their ability to provide fast, omni-channel service.

CoreNexa Contact Center provides a complete customer engagement solution that can be adapted to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from SMBs through large enterprises. Get a demo of CoreNexa Contact Center today or contact CoreDial to learn more.

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