What's the Future for Hosted PBX and VoIP Resellers?

The future of Hosted PBX and VoIP resellers is lucrative, to say the least. In 2011, a report from Infonetics Research found that VoIP services have officially hit the 50 billion dollar mark as of 2010. This is a tremendous mile marker that shows significant growth in the industry and demonstrates the prosperous future for VoIP technology. It's predicted that the VoIP market will hit 74.5 billion dollars by the end of 2015. It's clear the industry is continuing to grow, and given the unique advantages that VoIP provides, it's no wonder its popularity is increasing.
Profit growth

VoIP is a blossoming industry, and the potential for profit continues to grow with time. 

Businesses Continue to Seek VoIP Services

According to the study conducted by Infonetics Research, the popularity of VoIP continues to increase. Analysts are predicting that hosted VoIP will have doubled between 2011 and 2016, showing considerable growth potential for cloud-based telecommunication networks. More businesses are making the switch to VoIP than ever before. Some of the largest service providers were included in the study, such as Time Warner, NetFone, AT&T, and Cablevision. The study resoundingly showed that more businesses are ditching landlines in pursuit of VoIP services like Hosted PBX. Revenue has seen a 44 percent increase since 2011, making it a flourishing career path for managed service providers.

Why Are So Many Businesses Making the Switch?

It's no wonder why the popularity of VoIP has grown over the last few years. More small and mid-sized businesses are taking the leap into cloud-based phone networks, and their businesses are benefiting greatly as a result. Services like Hosted PBX have the potential to significantly reduce the operational costs of a business, while providing the company with a feature-rich and reliable phone service.

Hosted PBX enables businesses to avoid purchasing complicated and expensive software for landline-based phone services. This enables them to save money upfront by not having to invest in software, as well as saving them money on maintenance over time. 

Save time and money

The time and money saved with VoIP services is leading many businesses to make the switch.

Cloud-based services provide business owners the ability to reduce maintenance time and expenses, which can significantly improve the efficiency of their business model. In addition, these services allow end users to deliver superior service to their clientele. With limitless call routing and forwarding services, companies can ensure all incoming calls are responded to punctually, thereby improving their customer service.

Improved scalability is another reason businesses prefer Hosted PBX, as it enables them to scale their business easily and efficiently, buying only as many SIP trunks as needed.

When a business learns that they can save money, optimize efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve their customer service, the decision to switch to VoIP services becomes self-evident. For VoIP resellers, the future of Hosted PBX is incredibly fruitful, and as word continues to spread about this innovative technology, the industry will continue to grow and expand.

Hosted PBX gives businesses the ability to save money and time, thereby substantially improving their business model. VoIP resellers are able to provide end users with the precise services their businesses need to grow, creating a telecommunications industry that will continue to strengthen over time.  

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