What are the Most Important Things to Look for in a SIP Trunking Provider?

Selling SIP trunking and VoIP services enables individuals to work for themselves while creating reliable revenue. Given 79 percent of U.S. businesses are already using VoIP, resellers have the opportunity to connect with a vast network of consumers, allowing them to build a successful business that is constantly expanding. However, prior to investing in SIP trunking, it's essential for resellers to know what to look for in a provider. By getting the best available deal on your services, you can increase your profits and build your brand easily.

White label with your brand

Your brand is central to your company, and with white label, you can build your brand quickly.

1. Invest in white label services.

White label services typically cost more upfront. However, the investment will rapidly pay itself off. By investing in white label SIP trunking, you can offer the services under your own brand, enabling you to exercise more control over your business. This will also allow you to build your distinct brand name, while setting your own rates for consumers.

2. Choose a vendor that offers complete control.

Even when choosing a white label service, some vendors seek to control aspects of your service offerings after you have purchased their platform. Be sure to read all fine print prior to investing in a service, so you don't wind up forfeiting part of your company to the vendor.

3. Consider the included features.

Different vendors offer different features included with their SIP trunking platforms. Your ability to profit off of consumers is directly correlated to the number of distinct features you can offer. By offering a wide range of features to users, you can significantly minimize your competition and serve as the primary provider to your end users. Some of the key features to look for are: auto attendant, call forwarding, hosted voicemail systems, and audio conferencing.

4. Seek a vendor that provides built-in disaster recovery.

The disaster recovery plan offered is imperative, as this determines the level of stability and security you can offer your end users. End users cite security as their top concern when switching to VoIP. By investing in a platform that offers built-in disaster recovery, you can offer end users exceptional security and reliability.

Disaster Recovery

With a solid disaster recovery plan in place, you can attract and retain clientele easily.

5. Find a vendor that offers complimentary network testing.

In order to successfully sell SIP trunking, you need to ensure your network is equipped to handle the platform. Many vendors offer complimentary network tests to ensure compatibility and can work with you to expand your network to accommodate their service platform as needed.

6. Choose a vendor with ample support.

It can be complicated to implement your new SIP trunking, and added vendor support is essential. Many vendors offer continued support and are willing to troubleshoot any difficulties you experience along the way. This will not only simplify the process of getting your platform up and running, but it will save you time and money throughout the initial installation process.

Selling SIP trunking is a profitable business, as it is rapidly becoming the most chosen telecommunications network among businesses. However, in order to increase your profit margin and cater to the needs of your end users, it's important to find the best vendor available. Top quality vendors seek to provide their patrons with optimal levels of support, so they can implement and manage their new platforms easily. They also offer white label services, enabling resellers to maintain complete control over their brand and customer base. Learn more about the key benefits of SIP trunking, so you can better serve the needs of your clients.


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