What are the Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller?

VoIP is dominating the telecommunications market and is rapidly becoming the most chosen telephone service among businesses. It has experienced tremendous growth over the years, with 79 percent of all U.S. businesses relying partially on VoIP networks. As a managed service provider, becoming a VoIP reseller will enable you to experience increased financial success as VoIP continues to grow. There are many advantages to selling VoIP as opposed to traditional phone services.


VoIP is rapidly becoming the dominant telecommunications network globally.

It allows you to access a wider consumer network.

VoIP has experienced considerable growth over the years, and its marketplace continues to strengthen. In fact, AT&T has declared they intend to fully transition to VoIP by 2020, showing just how strong this industry is. VoIP is the future of business telecommunications, and by latching onto this technology now, you can tap into an emerging market with an endless database of global consumers. Additionally, VoIP is more accessible to global business people. For some businesses, finding the money or space to invest in complicated phone hardware can be challenging. With VoIP, a simple broadband connection is sufficient in launching the network, allowing businesses of all sizes and types to utilize this phone service with ease.

It increases your earning potential.

VoIP is cheaper to manage than standard landlines, which provides a cost-effective solution for savvy business owners looking to trim their company's budget. Additionally, it enables resellers to increase their own profit margin, by offering superior services to end-users at lower overhead costs.

It offers better functionality.

One of the core attributes that distinguishes VoIP from landlines is the increased functionality and features it provides. It offers business people the ability to utilize their company's telecommunications network from anywhere globally, offering them unlimited geographical flexibility for overseas business meetings, telecommuters, and business travel. Additionally, it provides advanced features like virtual auto attendant, videoconferencing, and shared SIP trunking. With more enticing and diverse services to offer to your end-users, VoIP resellers have the opportunity to significantly increase their recurring revenue stream.


With increased functionality, businesses can increase employee collaboration, optimize efficiency, and boost profits.

It increases client retention.

Surveys have resoundingly shown significant satisfaction among end-users using VoIP. Their overall satisfaction exceeds that of traditional landlines, with 99 percent of respondents claiming they have experienced significant financial saving and superior customer service. This will enable you to increase your client's satisfaction, thereby improving your client retention rate and growing your personal profits.

It offers easy scalability.

VoIP offers businesses the ability to scale their telecommunications network effortlessly to coincide with rapid company growth. As a reseller, you can connect with high-growth companies and aid them in the expansion of their business, enabling you to extend your service offerings easily with each new client you add.

VoIP has been trending recently and is predicted to experience significant growth over the next five years. In the same way that cell phones have rapidly succeeded landlines as the preferred calling method among consumers, VoIP is now prevailing over PSTN as the preferred business phone network. As a VoIP reseller, you'll have the opportunity to access a growing marketplace of consumers and offer them a superior phone service that will increase their efficiency and financial savings. Read more about how VoIP can enhance your recurring revenue and grow your business.

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