Want to Become a VoIP Reseller? Here are Some Tips to Get Started

VoIP is sweeping the nation, and the industry is expected to exceed $12 billion in revenue by 2018. There is no better time to become a VoIP reseller and launch a blossoming career in one of the world's most promising technologies. However, starting a VoIP business doesn't just happen overnight, and it takes a lot of knowledge and insight to build a stable income.


With the right platform, you can decrease startup time and increase profit.

Finding a Platform

The first step to building a career in VoIP is finding a high-quality platform. While some VoIP businesses opt to develop their own platform, this entails in-depth industry knowledge, ample tech experience, a lengthy startup time, and a hefty initial investment. By operating as a VoIP reseller, you can begin selling VoIP services right away with a fully equipped platform that's already been tested for bugs.

The key things to seek in a platform are:

  • White label: With a white label platform, you'll have more business autonomy, allowing you to build your own brand, choose your own pricing, and control your own customers.
  • Training and support: A company that offers training and user support to customers will allow you to master the platform and get your business up and running more quickly.
  • Enhanced security: Research into the security mechanisms of the platform to ensure it's free of bugs and will provide both you and your end users with safe and reliable services.

Choosing a platform is the first step to launching a successful VoIP business. With a white label platform from a company that offers added training and support, you can get your business up and running more quickly, while improving your future earnings.

Creating Your Service Offerings

To distinguish yourself from other VoIP providers in your region, you need to offer the services your clients want most. Bundling is also critical, as different business types will require different service bundles. With a white label platform, you have the authority to bundle services in any way you wish, allowing you to create custom service packages that fit the needs of your clients. Some of the most important qualities to end users include reliable service, enhanced disaster recovery, optimum security, and rapid scalability, so seek a platform that can offer these features.

Establishing Business Partnerships


Long-term partnerships are critical to your recurring revenue. 

Once your business is established, you'll need to begin marketing your services. The key to successful marketing is through long-term business partnerships with local companies. By gaining the trust of local businesses, you can gradually build your reputation through word-of-mouth marketing. Keep your focus small at first, so you can hone in on the precise needs and expectations of specific industries, and gradually expand your reach as your business model strengthens.

Becoming a VoIP reseller can be a bit daunting at first. However, the industry is rapidly growing and provides a lucrative business opportunity with long-term growth potential. The key to your success largely depends on the platform you choose.

With the right platform, you can build your brand quickly and easily, provide better service to end users, and create a reliable name for yourself in the industry. Check out our services, and learn how our white label platform provides all of the features you need to thrive as a VoIP reseller.

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