How CoreDial’s ‘Want More, Give More, Get It Done’ Values Set Its Employees Up for Success

CoreDial was recently visited by Philadelphia Inquirer business reporter Ezequiel Minaya to learn about CoreDial’s success and its uniquely effective company culture. After a tour of the CoreDial corporate headquarters, Minaya sat down with Chief Executive Officer Alan Rihm to discuss how the company is able to navigate a path to success through a combination of compelling technology, timely acquisitions, and the company’s cultural values of “Want More, Give More, Get It Done.”

Creating Culture by Design

When pressed to explain the impetus behind the company’s emphasis on creating a unique culture, Rihm recalled “…my commitment to culture came out of the natural need to identify a culture because people ask. Back in my second company, we had a growth spurt from seven to 75 employees in four months. And this culture was created but not by design. It just happened. At CoreDial, our culture has been designed. There’s so many things we do to make [employees] feel like we’re part of a family. This needs to be a trusted environment, where you are willing to speak up. Remotely, it’s kind of hard to do that.”

Rihm described the bevy of culture initiatives at CoreDial, including health and wellness programs, philanthropic activities, and a host of mentorship programs. Well before the pandemic, CoreDial’s focus on culture has been helping nurture professional development, and bolster employees’ ability to succeed. The end result of that design are the company’s values of “Want More, Give More, Get It Done,” which encourage employees to:

  • Want More for themselves, from their peers and from the company
  • Give More to their peers, to the company and to the community
  • Get It Done, whatever “it” might be

Instilling those values into the company by design has led to a culture that fosters a sense of entrepreneurship, innovation, candidness, accountability and reliability in team members at all levels. Employees feel empowered to go above and beyond and to suggest solutions to problems before they become an issue — all in the name of executing on the company’s mission to be the best at enabling the Channel to succeed with cloud communications.


The Challenges in Building a Remote Company Culture

While the pandemic may have derailed plans for CoreDial’s traditional in-person team building, support, and charitable activities, Rihm described how the company successfully transitioned its culture program into a virtual environment, allowing staff to remain connected and aligned even if they were in different locations. Events like virtual wine tasting, happy hours, and remote learning were instrumental in keeping 165 employees on the same page. 

“I value human interaction,” said Rihm. “It seems intuitive to me that if you engage with your fellow team members more often, there’s more opportunity for people to recognize greatness and an opportunity to promote somebody.”

CoreDial’s culture efforts, and its employees’ commitment to those same ideas, paid off in a big way throughout 2020. Though working arrangements may have changed, the company’s belief in “Want More, Give More, Get It Done” persisted, and employees were able to continue supporting Partners without missing a beat.


Bringing eZuce and CoreNexa 7.0 Into the Equation

Along with focusing on CoreDial’s culture, the conversation also turned to some of the recent business milestones CoreDial has achieved, notably its acquisition of eZuce to add video services to CoreDial’s portfolio. 

As Rihm explained, “One of the reasons you do acquisitions is to buy customers, and the other is to accelerate your road map. And we wanted to accelerate our road map. We started building our own video platform probably four or five years ago. And obviously, the pandemic accelerated everybody’s need to use video. 

“Video used to be a ‘nice-to-have’ for a lot of businesses, and then it became a ‘must-have’ overnight. We needed a video product and a rooms technology that you could have 100 people in a meeting or 1,000 people in a webinar, or you can have huddle rooms and conference rooms, so people can connect. The pandemic just made it even more important and forced us to get serious about it, to really aggressively look. So we found eZuce. It was a diamond in the rough that, quite frankly, had pretty ugly software. But it was really, really capable, with a really solid engine. And so, we spent the last seven, eight months adding a really nice user interface to make it more delightful to use.” 

CoreDial launched CoreNexa 7.0 in April of 2021, combining rich video services, rooms, and other powerful collaboration tools – integrated with the proven unified communications and contact center functionality already offered by CoreNexa. Designed to meet the discerning needs of the modern office, CoreDial is poised for even more growth in 2021 and beyond. 

As Rihm explained, the eZuce acquisition was an important stepping stone in building a path toward the future.

“The pandemic caused us to get really aggressive to look for a video addition,” he explained. “Luckily, we found it.”

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