Video Conferencing Is Gaining Ground in the Unified Communication Solutions Industry

A global survey has shown that video conferencing is gaining ground in all corners of the world. It is being applied primarily as an enterprise productivity tool to connect the global workforce and facilitate conferences more easily. Unified communication solutions are widely sought after by businesses as a way to enhance productivity, increase functionality, and reduce overhead costs. As video conferencing evolves and continues to become more popular, it will be a driving force for UC sales of the future.


With video conferencing, colleagues can collaborate from any location.

Businesses Are Turning to Video Conferencing in Hordes

More people are using video conferencing than ever before. Cloud conferencing has become particularly popular according to a recent benchmark survey. The survey revealed that 38 percent of respondents already use cloud conferencing and another 7 percent plan to implement the tool in 2016. Desktop conferencing, on the other hand, has experienced stagnating growth, as more businesses hope to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Those that currently use video conferencing have also increased their dependency. About 25 percent of survey respondents claimed to use video conferencing daily, while another 39 percent use it weekly. About 58 percent of businesses already have a program in place to use video conferencing to facilitate business processes.

Why Is Video Conferencing on the Rise?

Collaborating with colleagues has primarily been conducted over the phone or via email, particularly when colleagues live and work in different parts of the world. Yet, email can be limiting and prone to miscommunication. Video conferencing makes it easy to collaborate with anyone, no matter their location, while creating a more personalized meeting that provides the clarity and direction successful businesses need.

The enhanced efficiency and collaboration is what's leading many businesses to adopt video conferencing. In fact, 94 percent claim productivity is its key selling point, and 88 percent said that improved communication is its second best feature. Travel expenses were cited as the third main benefit of video conferencing, with 87 percent of respondents saying that cost savings is an important aspect.

For a while, reduced travel costs were the leading reason businesses opted for video conferencing, but nowadays, businesses are more concerned with productivity and collaboration. When devising a marketing strategy, MSPs would be wise to emphasize the increased efficiency, productivity, and collaboration that video conferencing offers, while making price a secondary selling point.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Conferencing?

In recent years, unified communication solutions have become particularly popular among businesses, and this trend is leaking over into the world of video conferencing. As cloud conferencing rates increase, desktop conferencing is stagnating. The cloud offers a collaborative tool where workers across the world can share information easily, access video conferencing from any device, and connect to their company's phone network in any geographical location. This enhances the productivity and efficiency of video conferencing, making it even more appealing to businesses.


Cloud conferencing provides global access and fuels productivity.

Both the cloud and video conferencing are becoming more popular, and cloud conferencing is becoming the dominant conferencing choice among businesses. For MSPs, it's important to tap into this growing trend by offering your clients the most advanced video conferencing features available. Given a quarter of businesses use video conferencing daily and over half use it at least once per week, it offers a significant sales segment that can increase recurring revenue for UC providers. Contact us to learn about our white label unified communications platform and its advanced video conferencing features.

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