Understanding the Clients' Needs from Unified Communications Solutions

Businesses are turning to unified communications solutions as a means of cutting company spending, optimizing workplace efficiency, and receiving more features from their communications network. Yet, in the competitive world of unified communications, prospective clients have a vast array of providers available to them. To attract the attention of businesses in your community, you need to identify the core needs of your clients and tailor your business model to suit their goals.

Clients need efficiency. One of the most appealing traits of unified communications is efficiency. Businesses are eager to access the time saving features that UC platforms offer. Yet, since unified communications is largely Internet-based, many worry the connection won't be as reliable. By offering 24-hour network support to clients, you can ensure all technical complications are combated quickly, providing them greater efficiency and ease-of-use.

Unified communications solutions

Businesses are racing to remain ahead of competitors, and efficient UC services will help them finish first.

Clients need cost-effective services. Unified communications is frequently touted as a cost-efficient solution that will cut business spending. To compete with other providers in your area, you need to be offering competitive prices to clients. With white label platforms, you have the freedom to alter your pricing models at any time, allowing you to find the ideal price that will coax in clients, while offering you stable revenue in return. Conduct research into competitor prices in your area to help determine a fair market price. With a fully integrated unified communications platform, you can improve your own business efficiency, while reducing overhead costs, which will enable you to provide lower prices to clients.

Clients need functionality. Unified communications solutions offer a range of services and features that can greatly simplify the lives of your clients. To compete in your region, it's imperative to offer the features that matter most to them. Some of the key features that clients seek include:

  • Instant messaging
  • User availability alerts
  • Video and phone conferencing
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Unified messaging
  • Click-to-dial option on web browsers
  • One number reach
  • Extension dialing
  • And more
Unified communications solutions

The functionality and service bundles you offer can help sway businesses to buy your services.

The list of available UC features is extensive, and each client will have individual needs. With a white label platform, you have the freedom to bundle services in any way you want. This allows you to create a multitude of different service bundles that are tailored to the specific needs of each client, providing them with maximum functionality, while eliminating surplus.

Selling unified communications solutions is a competitive industry. To succeed, you need a white label, feature-rich platform that allows you to offer the unctionality and efficiency your clients demand. With a fully integrated platform, you can keep your own overhead costs to a minimum, allowing you to provide competitive pricing and superior service quality that exceeds consumer expectations. Contact us to learn more about UC platforms that can enhance your ability to meet the needs of your clients.

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