Top 2016 Telecom Trends That VoIP Resellers Should Know About

The world of telecom is in a constant state of flux, and to remain competitive, VoIP resellers need to remain on top of all industry trends. The year 2016 will bring with it innumerable changes in the industry, many of which will positively benefit the VoIP market. Here are the top telecom trends of 2016 that VoIP resellers should prepare for.

Business Will Be More Dependent on the Cloud


As cloud-dependency increases, more businesses will turn to VoIP.

The cloud has revolutionized data storage and software accessibility, and it's growing in popularity among businesses. In 2016, cloud-dependency will become even more prolific. As the marketplace becomes increasingly globalized, more businesses will rely on the cloud to provide them anytime access to the telecom and software applications they need. Cloud-based telecom offers businesses with a way to connect with remote workers easily, utilize their telecom network while traveling, and experience unparalleled business continuity after disasters. As such, the demand for cloud-based telecom will continue to strengthen in the new year.

Web Real-Time Communication Will Grow

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) enables people to conduct phone calls, video chats, and data sharing via web applications, completely independently of mobile or desktop applications. This will dramatically change the way people approach communications, and more businesses will depend on web browsers to conduct phone calls and conferences at reduced rates. For those selling VoIP and UC services, WebRTC will be a critical feature to offer in the coming year.

Mobile Devices Will Be More Popular than Ever

Mobile web searches have now exceeded desktop searches, and mobile telecom is becoming more prevalent as well. About 40 percent of homes no longer utilize a landline, and this trend has recently been infiltrating the business world. Mobile telecom usage is anticipated to become increasingly prevalent in the coming years, with estimates anticipating a 15 percent growth rate by 2020. As people become increasingly dependent on mobile devices, more businesses will adopt VoIP technology, due to the cloud-based platform it offers.


The mobility trend will phase-out landlines and bolster VoIP sales.

Advances in Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is incredibly popular among businesses. It saves money on travel expenses and makes coordinating meetings easy. The cloud revolutionized video conferencing by allowing people to connect to conferences from any device. 2016 will bring with it some major advances in video conferencing. Specifically, room-based video conferencing will become the new business trend. Room-based video conferencing utilizes flat screen TVs with high-resolution cameras that make video conferencing easier, smoother, and cheaper than ever before.

The Market for VoIP Will Grow

The revenue of the VoIP market has increased 44 percent since 2011, and the profits continue to grow. AT&T, one of the largest phone service providers, plans to phase out landlines completely and offer exclusively VoIP. Due to the vast market reach, the market of VoIP is on the rise, meaning more profit potential for resellers.

The world of telecom is constantly changing to accommodate the latest technological advancements. In 2016, the trends in telecom will become increasingly mobile, cloud-based, and focused on functionality. As the market reach of VoIP widens, resellers have even greater potential to improve their recurring revenue. Throughout 2016, more businesses will turn to VoIP in search of a mobile, cloud-based solution that meets the needs of their fast-growing companies. Contact us to learn more about the flourishing industry of VoIP.

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