The Business VoIP Market Strengthens as the Cloud Grows and Evolves

The cloud is becoming increasingly pervasive, stretching from continent to continent and continually evolving to offer advanced services to the public. As the cloud grows and expands, more businesses are adopting the technology to enhance a variety of company services. For the business VoIP industry, this will lead to continued growth and sales, as more companies abandon on-premises telecom in search of a cloud-based solution.


As the cloud grows, the VoIP market grows with it.

The Growing Demand for Cloud-Based Services

A report compiled by Synergy Research Group has shown that the UCaaS market has reached nearly $4 billion in annual revenue with a growth rate of 16 percent per year. This is largely attributed to the growing success of cloud-based applications, which is expected to reach 3.6 billion users by 2018. It's predicted that by 2019, cloud applications will compose about 90 percent of all mobile traffic, as both consumers and businesses begin relying more heavily on mobile apps.

Why Are Businesses Turning to the Cloud?

The cloud is no longer just a trend. It has grown into a necessary tool for businesses, and businesses that fail to adopt cloud technology will likely trail behind their competition in the coming years. Businesses are turning to the cloud for a variety of reasons. The top incentives are:

  • Eliminating software installation. Perhaps the most useful benefit of the cloud is its ability to eliminate software installation and on-premises networks. With a cloud-based platform, businesses can access all of the software applications they need online, without having to deal with software installations and upgrades.
  • Lower cost of ownership. The cost of managing software, telecom, and data in the cloud is often much cheaper than managing on-premises applications, allowing companies to permanently reduce their overhead costs.
  • Global access. With cloud applications, businesspeople can access their software, phone network, and metrics from any device, no matter their location, offering greater flexibility from the service.
  • Easy data sharing. Business is heavily focused on collaboration. The cloud makes it easy to share data across departments, branches, organizations, and even overseas.
  • Better disaster recovery. With a cloud-based platform, all data and software is backed up to the cloud, offering greater protection from disasters. Additionally, tech support is easier and more efficient because companies can access cloud-based support at any time and from any location.

The cloud offers countless advantages to businesses, and it will soon become a necessity as businesses seek greater efficiency and reliability from their applications.


The cloud offers anytime access that modern businesspeople rely on.

What Does This Mean for VoIP?

For the past five years, Business VoIP has experienced tremendous growth, and the numbers will continue to increase as the cloud becomes a commonplace fixture among businesses. Conversely, residential VoIP growth has plateaued, and VoIP resellers should consider this when determining their core market demographics to sell to.

Business VoIP provides a versatile, cost-effective, and highly scalable solution for telecom, which is why so many companies are adopting it as their primary telecom network. Market research indicates that the cloud will become increasingly more successful in the coming years, and as businesses become more reliant on cloud services, sales for VoIP will surge. It's critical that you are prepared to offer the services your clients begin to demand. Read the eBook, The Essential Guide to Offering Cloud Communications, to learn how to tap into this growing marketplace.

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