Teach Customers to Maximize the Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications solutions can provide a lot of advantages to your end-user. However, to ensure they are receiving the maximum benefit, you need to educate them on how to make the most of their services. Unified communications can be confusing to implement, and many end-users are failing to utilize the services to its full potential. Unfortunately, this results in declining satisfaction among end-users, and consequently, a declining customer base.

Offer Training to Employees

Unified communications solutions

Employee training will equip each employee to use UC tools, resulting in more synergy throughout the company.

One of the primary benefits of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the increased efficiency and workplace collaboration it provides your end-user. However, in order for the end-user to experience optimum efficiency, each of their employees needs to be trained in how to best utilize each of the unified communications (UC) tools. A report conducted by Nemertes has demonstrated a recent decline in usage of UC tools. In 2014, 61 percent reported success with their UC tools, but by 2015, that number has dropped to 43 percent.

UC tools are incredibly useful to improving the efficiency and functionality of communications. So why has its success rate declined? Implementing and utilizing UC tools to the best of their potential is complicated, and for small companies with inadequate IT departments, training all employees is a burden. By offering training and education to your end-users, not only will you enhance their knowledge of unified communications, but through this there will be an increase in the number of end-users who appreciate and rely on the benefits gained. In turn, this will boost your own client retention and strengthen the future of UCaaS.

Regularly Analyze Performance Metrics

UC performance metrics can offer you further insight into the benefits that your end-users are receiving. The metrics can provide information regarding the employee usage rate, returns on investment, and user feedback. These can all help you gauge what is working for the end-user and what isn't, so you can tailor your approach to meet the needs of your users. If employee usage rates are low, this could indicate a lack of training, whereas, if returns on investment are stagnating, this could be a sign that the company is failing to integrate all UC services into their business model.

Unified communications solutions

Performance metrics allow you to identify problems early, allowing you to troubleshoot issues right away.

Application performance metrics can also provide insight into potential problems among end-users. They will alert you to any network-related issues the end-user is facing, such as operational speed or network compatibility, allowing you to troubleshoot the issue immediately. Cost metrics can also be useful to analyze, since cost savings is one of the primary appeals of unified communications solutions. Routinely assessing the cost metrics of UC can help you determine whether your end-users are receiving the greatest cost reduction possible.

Ensure Employees Are Aware of the UC Tools

Irwin Lazar, the vice president of Nemertes, said another reason UC tools aren't being utilized is due to employees lacking knowledge of their existence. It's a frequent problem among IT departments to release a new technology, but fail to announce the rollout to employees. To combat this issue, consider sending an announcement email to your end-user each time a new service offering is added, and encourage them to forward it to everyone in their company.

UCaaS has the potential to enhance the efficiency and functionality of a business, while simultaneously lowering its overhead budget. Yet, despite the benefits, the success of UCaaS has been steadily declining. Research has shown that the primary reasons for the decline in usage are that many employees are unaware of the new services, they don't know how to utilize the services, or are encountering network problems that their MSPs are failing to correct in a timely manner.

By routinely assessing the performance analytics of your service offerings and offering educational training to end-users, you can enhance their ability to benefit from UCaaS and improve your client retention. Read more about how to succeed offering UCaaS to end-users.

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