How Unified Communications & Business Automation Solutions Streamline Processes for MSPs & Customers Alike

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We’re all looking for ways to streamline our work – especially when it comes to the repetitive parts of our jobs. Luckily for customers, unified communications and business automation solutions can drive serious efficiency in companies of all sizes. The benefits shouldn’t stop at the customer: an effective UCaaS offering should provide new opportunities for efficiency for the channel partner as well.

As the market numbers show, businesses are hungry for ways to reduce redundant workflows. Statistics show that the market for business automation tools is estimated to reach $10 billion in 2020, according to WinterGreen Research. It makes sense when you think about the level of repetitive tasks performed by your average employee in a given day: a study by software developer Smart Sheet reports that more than 40% of workers spend at least a quarter of their time doing repetitive tasks. Furthermore, the report estimated that at least one-third of these activities can be automated, and that these workflows exist in close to 60% of all the occupations listed in the survey.

But how can unified communications solutions and business automation tools come together to eliminate inefficiencies for channel partners and the customers they serve? Let’s take a closer look:

For the Customer: Reduced Costs and Improved Results

A comprehensive UCaaS solution – which delivers unified communications services through the convenience of the cloud – can automate a good many workflows for customers. So when considering a unified communication solution, be sure to select one that can automate more tactical undertakings such as initial customer resolution, intelligent call routing, and other frontline tasks.

A few key benefits for end-users that a UCaaS platform should be able to provide:

  • Cost savings: Any area where repetitive tasks can be accomplished through an automated technology saves money. It reduces laborious, hands-on work and frees personnel to focus on higher priority activities, like maintaining customer relationships, augmenting sales, marketing their services, or innovating new product updates. 

  • Quality control: Automation facilitates consistency since each task is performed identically every time, using the same original data. The result is a reliable, high-quality outcome in less time and at lower cost than when managed manually. 

Bundling the communications tools businesses rely on under a single platform allows talented employees to do what they do best: strategize, sell, plan, and innovate for the greater good of the company. Critical thinking is innately human, so the productivity and innovation of any business can only increase if more rote tasks are automated through intelligent, well-designed technology.

For the Partner: Platform Integrations and Business Automation

For as many benefits as it can offer end-users, a truly effective UCaaS platform should also provide the kinds of automation capabilities that allow partners to invoice various customers from the same interface they use to provision client services. Truly stand-out unified communications platforms should allow channel partners to deliver a wide range of capabilities and services across multiple customers – many of whom have varied business models. Even better, these communications platforms should ideally provide multi-location invoicing, allowing partners to accommodate more complex billing. 

For example, if an MSP offers communications services to a chain of restaurants, it stands to reason that partner may want the option to invoice specific locations within that chain. The same principle can apply to retailers that maintain stores spread across different geographies. This way, if any single location in a franchise consumes more services than others, it can be reflected on a separate bill. Effective UCaaS systems can accommodate these unique scenarios, providing value for the end-customer while automating a potentially complicated procedure. 

A UCaaS platform can also provide business automation capabilities to channel partners in the following ways:

  • Integration improves workflow. If your UCaaS system includes integrations with other business automation software platforms, such as ConnectWise Manage PSA solution, this can streamline data processing, increasing productivity. 

  • Error reduction. Human beings are far from perfect. When tasks are performed by individuals, errors are bound to occur. With an integrated, automated UCaaS system,  data does not have to be re-keyed by hand, maintaining the integrity of the source material.


How Effective UCaaS & Business Automation Tools Strengthen Long-Term Relationships

Your UCaaS provider must deliver the mission-critical capabilities that end-customers demand. The more expediently and accurately partners can execute those services, the more they will strengthen their customer relationships. This creates more opportunities for high-margin recurring revenues and positions the MSP as a trusted, long-term IT partner, thus establishing them as a “one-stop-shop” for the customer’s communications needs.

To learn more, download our exclusive guide. We cover the major benefits of offering unified communications to your customers, and explore how doing so positions you directly in the heart of their ecosystem.


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