Infographic: The State of Remote Work… Is It Actually Working?

If you’ve ever worked remotely in any capacity (and in 2021, who hasn’t?), you’ve probably said to yourself “there’s gotta be a better way.” The truth is, even after millions of Americans pivoted into remote work situations in 2020, most businesses remain ill-prepared and largely ill-equipped for the “new normal” of business: hybrid workforces and workforces that will remain 100% remote indefinitely. Many of the single-use or point-solution tools businesses deployed out of necessity required considerable compromise or workarounds – leading to a widespread need for solutions that address business/user collaboration and communications needs more comprehensively and more seamlessly.

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Thankfully, there IS a better way for modern workforces to move forward. All-in-one voice, video, messaging and collaboration solutions are transforming the road ahead for any business with remote workers, hybrid workforces or those who simply need extraordinarily effective collaboration tools to optimize employee engagement and productivity.

Take a look at our brand new infographic to get an idea of the state of remote work today and how fully integrated all-in-one solutions can transform it for optimal success and outcomes.

How Work From Home Works Today

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