Boosting Revenue and Streamlining Results Through Sales Enablement Solutions

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We all know technology is complex, and keeping up with innovation is a challenge. But for cloud service providers (CSPs), staying ahead of the curve while also managing the sales process can be a costly challenge. Luckily, effective cloud-based sales enablement solutions can help.

These tools automate essential elements of the sales process such as initiating and managing demand generation campaigns, distributing issue-oriented content, and delivering brandable sales collateral. This takes the burden off of channel partners so they can focus on what matters: pursuing qualified leads, closing deals, and adding revenue to their bottom line.


Different Times Call for Different Measures

For years, the selling process surrounding cloud communications was fairly simple. Channel partners would mine for customers through advertising, networking, exhibiting at trade shows, and other tactics. But things are different now: business owners are strapped for time with little capacity to even learn what communication options are out there – let alone what cloud communications solutions are right for their needs.

To overcome these issues and get the sales train back on track, smart cloud service providers are leveraging sales enablement tools to streamline and automate much of the sales process. Sales enablement tools can be customized to support a long-term strategic campaign along with a shorter tactical plan. Best of all, these solutions enable channel partners to be heard above the din – breaking a cycle of ineffective and unsatisfying customer engagement.


Sales Enablement: Where It All Comes Together

According to Forrester Research’s May 2020 report on sales enablement, 67% of buyers prefer to avoid interacting with a sales representative as their primary source of information. This complicates an already difficult task by forcing sales teams to find alternative methods to get the attention of prospects. Forrester goes on to state that “automating sales enablement drives process improvements, breaks down organizational silos, continuously updates sellers’ skills, and ensures sales representatives have the situational fluency to effectively meet buyers’ expectations.”

There are many sales enablement features that are worthwhile, but the most time-saving is perhaps multi-channel demand generation capabilities. Traditionally thought of as tedious but necessary work, automated demand generation programs use a mix of tactics such as email, social media, content marketing, and brandable sales collateral to gain the attention of qualified prospects. The system tracks all engagements and strategically delivers content and offers that are designed to motivate buyers. 

While sales enablement solutions can be pricey – especially for mid-size CSPs – some technology providers have taken the welcome step of providing these capabilities to their channel as a service.  This is the correct approach. Your unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) provider should recognize that the channel’s livelihood – as well as their own – depends on unearthing and converting the right opportunities. It’s about finding customers, cultivating relationships, preparing proposals, and – if all goes right – securing deals.


Building Lasting Relationships Through Sales Enablement

Sales enablement solutions empower cloud service providers to build their pipelines, expand their bases, and strengthen much-needed customer relationships. And once that relationship is in place, it can pay off time and time again as the channel partner becomes a one-stop-shop for the customer’s cloud communications needs. To learn more, download our exclusive guide. It covers how offering cloud communications allows providers to position themselves directly in their customers’ ecosystems – creating lasting relationships and adding sticky, recurring revenue to the business.


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