Own Your Brand, Own Your Customers, White Label Your Services

As an IT solutions provider, you’ve put in countless hours finding new customers, selling them the products and services they need, and maintaining a strong relationship with them over time. So you’re probably very protective of your customers, right? You take any threat to the relationship you have with your customer very seriously.

Whether it’s a competitor who starts calling on your customer or a new technology that’s changing your customer’s outlook on their communication needs, you know that outside factors can have a significant impact on the relationship you have with your customer, and consequently the success of your business.


So it goes without saying that one of the best ways to achieve business success is to remain in complete control of your customer relationships.

A white label solution allows you to sell all of the unified communications services your clients need under your brand name, enabling you to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customer for long-term success. This means you can steadily build your business while minimizing the risk of a third party stepping between you and your customers.

Here are three ways adopting a white label solution helps you achieve long-term success.

Businesses Need to Stay ConnectedMaintain Your “Trusted Advisor” Status

As more small and mid-sized companies replace their landlines with cloud communication solutions, they will look to a professional and experienced IT solutions provider to provide guidance and support throughout the transformation.

Using a white label provider allows you to position yourself and your brand as the exclusive trusted advisor for your customers.

By demonstrating your expertise and delivering tried and tested UCaaS solutions under your brand name, you will improve your chances of success and lay the foundation for long-term growth. What could be more convincing to a potential customer than explaining to them that you understand their problems and issues, and that you can actually supply the solution to their woes.

For example, you could highlight common issues companies are facing and how your services can help them overcome these obstacles. You could publish regular blog posts, online customer support material, downloadable ebooks, “how to” style videos or permission-based email marketing campaigns focused on cloud communications and the solutions you provide. By creating and sharing these marketing deliverables, you’ll lay the groundwork to establishing yourself as the first port of call when problems arise.

Offer up a way of keeping in touch so prospects can continue to receive quality content, and you have an opportunity to build the relationship until they are ready to buy. Don’t lose contact once you have their attention. A valuable monthly email newsletter or automated email series is a great way to nurture your leads and is simple to set up. Invite those on your email list to industry-specific webinars - another effective way to turn interest into opportunity.

Also, a valuable niche Twitter feed or LinkedIn group for your industry will help you build and manage a large network of contacts. You’ll keep in touch and engage the interest of prospects, and discover an unsurpassed tool for distributing useful content within the industry.

Businesses Need to Stay ConnectedAccelerate Your Time to Market with New Technologies

All customers need a solution that will grow and evolve with their company. By offering the latest cloud technology under your brand name, you can provide customers a clear path to achieving their goals. The extra time (months or years) that it could take to develop a customized solution can cause customers to look elsewhere. This can be avoided with a proven solution that provides them with what they need instantly.

The right white label solutions will reduce time to market and eliminate delays associated with troubleshooting. You’ll receive time-tested cloud software and technology tailored to the unique requirements of each customer.

You can set your own prices, package the services in bundles that fit the needs of your clients, and form a strong rapport with each customer to maintain a stable, long-term relationship.

Businesses Need to Stay ConnectedReceive the Backing of World-Class Channel Support

Developing a unified communications platform from scratch requires a considerable investment of time, resources, and money, not to mention significant IT expertise. By partnering with a white label provider, you can offer your customers the quality services they deserve while relying on the expertise and support of your provider. They will work with you to identify customer issues and help you resolve them quickly.

White label solutions for cloud communications allow you to offer reliable, high-quality services to your customers while building profitable, recurring revenue streams for your bottom line - all while keeping the control of your customer relationship in your hands. A true win-win.

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