Next Steps for the Cloud: UCaaS is Only the Beginning

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the gateway to delivering a whole suite of cloud services via the channel. It is the foundation service we’ve built our business on, but it is just the beginning for our model and our partners.

As UCaaS matures and goes mainstream, there’s an opportunity to explore how a SaaS platform can support multiple cloud services with the same streamlined approach. The lessons we learned in helping our partners to sell, deliver, manage and invoice UCaaS will help us to deliver additional cloud services to partners.

Our channel partners have seen how a SaaS platform can enable them to capture higher margins, win more business, and accelerate growth within their business. They have used UCaaS to gain new customer relationships and grow existing ones. The next step in many of these relationships will be to offer more services via the same platform.


UCaaS is probably the most challenging product set to automate and deliver efficiently. We have put in the time to refine this and our customers are benefitting from it. Now we believe there is an opportunity to grow the cloud services we offer while continuing to focus on where we add value in the channel ecosystem.

Our partners largely serve the SMB market and we are reviewing the services that SMBs want and where our partners see new opportunities. Some of the individual service lines may include:

  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Virtualization
  • Storage and back up
  • SaaS applications

Our partners may already be offering some of these services, but there is an opportunity to help them do that in a more scalable and repeatable way—just as we have done in UCaaS.  New cloud services delivered via an existing SaaS platform can be extremely valuable for partners because they can sell more services with no cost of customer acquisition. They’re ideally positioned to serve the additional needs of their customers while the customer benefits from a single, reliable source for multiple cloud services.  

The key is that there is demand for cloud services from SMBs and our partners see them as complementary to their UCaaS offering. For CoreDial, this is about adding value for our partners and enabling the channel to create even more stickiness with customers.

We have a proven SaaS platform so it makes sense that we would help our partners to deliver additional high value cloud services to their customers. At this stage, we are speaking to our partners about what they are seeing a demand for and developing our next phase of service development.

UCaaS will remain a foundation service offering but we plan to help our partners access more services efficiently and grow their customer relationships with new cloud services. Please get in touch and let us know what cloud services you see as the future of your business and what is being asked for by SMBs.

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