Identifying Modern Cloud-Based Contact Center Opportunities

Identifying Modern Cloud-based Contact Center Opportunities Header Image

One of the biggest takeaways we’ve found as cloud-based contact center solution providers is this: there is an entire universe of companies that can benefit from the functionalities of a contact center solution who don’t even know they need it.

But how do you spot these opportunities? The good news for cloud service providers is that these companies are found everywhere, especially in the SMB space. You don’t have to be a huge retail establishment taking phone orders to find a productive use for cloud contact center solutions — one that will streamline processes, help companies better utilize staff, and enhance the customer experience.

What is a Modern Cloud-Based Contact Center?

Most small businesses have a workgroup somewhere in the organization that interacts with team members, suppliers, and customers. These can include a small sales team making outbound calls, a group of customer service staff, a team of support technicians, or even a few specialized employees fielding incoming calls in a foreign language. There are also dispatch centers who make calls to drivers on-the-go, accounts payable teams, and literally a multitude of use cases that demonstrate a need for cloud contact center solutions. These workgroups depend on reliable, flexible communications tools to deliver the level of service that will help their organization maintain a competitive edge.

There are several areas where businesses can experience productivity gains through cloud-based contact center solutions — especially when delivered through a cost-effective and scalable Contact Center as-a-Service (CCaaS) infrastructure. 

As we have defined in our ABCs of Contact Center blog series, an effective cloud-based contact center solution can provide features such as:


  • IVR automation 
  • Sophisticated call routing
  • Appointment reminders 
  • Broadcast texting capabilities
  • Call analytics
  • Call reporting
  • “Barge and Whisper” training features


Conveying the Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Cloud service providers must learn how to identify “non-traditional” customers that will benefit from cloud-based contact center functionalities. The sales process should never center solely around the value of the contact center infrastructure. Instead, it should revolve around identifying the specific areas within the business where contact center functionality could deliver value, such as productivity gains, reduced operating costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

When talking to your customers, you should recommend specific tools that are most relevant for individual job functions and processes. Agents, technicians, salespeople, and help desk staff all can become far more effective if they have access to sophisticated features like intelligent call routing, two-way SMS messaging, call analytics, or the ability to integrate their call activities with back-office CRM records.

Even better, most cloud service providers likely have a list of current customers who fit these descriptions, providing a wealth of opportunity to upsell their clients. One great benefit of integrating these new capabilities into an existing solution is that these added new services make your customers even more reliant on your capabilities and services, creating more “stickiness” in the partner-customer relationship. And let’s not forget, when you deliver cloud additional contact center capabilities to your customers, your revenue per seat increases, and you have even more opportunities to sell additional services as customer needs evolve.


Start Identifying the Modern Cloud-based Contact Center Opportunities in Your Database

Partners need to recognize the enormous benefits that cloud-based contact center solutions can deliver to nearly any business. Through these offerings, savvy MSPs can deliver an array of  compelling tools that positively impact productivity and efficiency, while securing your own value as their technology consultant.

To learn more about how to spot modern cloud-based contact center opportunities in your database, download this in-depth white paper from noted research firm Frost & Sullivan. In it, they cover the changing face of customer engagement, and the growing need for contact center technology in “non-traditional” organizations.


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