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Meeting the Market’s Cloud Communications Needs Through Partner Engagement


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One thing you can count on in cloud communications: nothing stays the same for long. Businesses evolve, user requirements shift, and technology advances. The SMB market in particular — and the MSP channel that serves it — is subject to workplace demands and emerging trends that seem to fluctuate by the day.

Channel partners must be flexible and responsive to stay relevant in a market with this level of dynamics — which means that the developers of successful cloud communications solutions must display the same agility to best serve business customers and channel partners over the long-term.  

However, building solutions that are germane, compelling, and cost-effective on an ongoing basis doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Cloud communications providers need to engage directly (and often) with their channel partners to gather feedback, identify evolving needs, and refine their solutions to meet end-user needs.


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How Feedback Creates Effective Cloud Communications

To remain agile and keep solutions as relevant as possible, an effective technology partner
must have a system in place to collect meaningful feedback. Ideally, that system should:

  • Leverage relationships with channel partners and users to gather pertinent input 
  • Identify the new functionalities and features the marketplace is seeking
  • Discover and prioritize enhancements that are most in-demand

Most importantly, gathering this feedback cannot be a sporadic effort. Just as trends and workplace demands rapidly change in the SMB market, so do the particular needs faced by the SMB customer. An effective technology partner needs to work closely with their channel partners to stay informed about the industry’s most pressing needs. Over time, these conversations become a company’s tip of the spear, providing the input that reveals the emerging trends and business demands that will drive tomorrow’s innovation.

Make no mistake — this is no small endeavor. CoreDial has built an entire team, our Partner Success Team, to build the Partner relationships that will yield this candid, insightful feedback. But the end result of this effort is the ability to hone in on the specific issues our Partners face every day, enabling them to grow and succeed on their own terms.

Transforming Feedback into Actionable Solutions

By gathering frequent, candid feedback from channel partners, cloud communications providers can find a clearer picture of the specific improvements their customers need to truly transform their business experiences. From there, the real trick is to nimbly act on this feedback to improve their products, and deliver a better experience for their SMB customers.

But rushing in to make changes based on every piece of feedback can easily backfire, leading to wasted time and energy, or worse, ill-thought-out solutions and products which have fallen out of line with the market's needs by the time they're released. Before acting on feedback, MSPs should ask themselves a few critical questions:

  • Is this feedback part of a larger trend, or a one-off issue to address?
  • How urgent are the issues presented by this feedback?
  • Is this feedback easily addressed, or will it take more substantial uplift to complete?

CoreDial's Leadership team meets regularly to discuss issues brought to light by our Partner Success team, and in doing so, are able to identify the most pressing issues and the enhancements that will most meaningfully improve the way our Partners do business. 

Creating advanced communications solutions is a complicated process. It takes highly skilled, motivated personnel, outstanding technology, and the financial resources to make it all happen.
But it also takes teamwork, collaboration, and mutual understanding among all parties involved
to reach a common goal.


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