Keeping Your Clients Informed About Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications solutions are taking off in the business world, but the concept still remains new to many. UCaaS can be confusing to end users, and a lot of businesses aren't sure which services would benefit their company the most. To maximize your sales potential, it's essential to keep your customers informed about the cloud services you offer. Here are some tips to keep clients educated, while improving both the engagement and satisfaction of end users.

By keeping customers educated, you'll boost engagement and sales.

By keeping customers educated, you'll boost engagement and sales.

Create Informative Promotional Materials

When selling a service as complex as UCaaS, you can't coast by on elementary ad pitches. You need to create promotional materials that educate your end users. Create brochures, flyers, and PowerPoint presentations that break the information into easily-understandable pieces, so your audience can digest the information.

Meet with Local Businesses

Selling UCaaS relies on forming lasting partnerships with businesses. One of the best ways to build rapport is through in-person meetings. They provide an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns the end user may have.

Educate End Users About the Services that Benefit Them

UCaaS is equipped with a variety of service offerings, but not all your end users know what they really need. Talk to your end users about the specific services that would benefit them, while teaching them how to make the most of each service offering. You'll increase sales per client and enhance your recurring revenue.

Focus on Content Strategy

It's not practical to meet with every client, so you need to have alternate means of educating existing, new, and potential customers. Your content strategy is the perfect opportunity to educate consumers about UCaaS and answer common questions they may have. Consider sending polling all of your customers to gauge their understanding of UCaaS. You can then tailor your blog posts around the specific questions or concerns your readers have raised.

Offer Customer Support

By offering outstanding customer support, your end users will feel more comfortable reaching out for extra help when needed. Provide initial training that will help them deploy their new services, and offer ongoing technical support and troubleshooting.

Offer ongoing technical support, so your end users can enjoy seamless service.

Offer ongoing technical support, so your end users can enjoy seamless service.

Help Them Keep Their Employees in the Loop

One of the main reasons end users report being dissatisfied with the concept of UCaaS is because their employees aren't using the services to the full potential. A lot of this boils down to lack of awareness. In a report conducted by Nemertes, it was found that employee training directly correlated to customer satisfaction. When employees weren't properly trained in the usage of UCaaS, the business as a whole had a negative view of the services. Work with your end users to develop a deployment plan that incorporates thorough training for all of their employees, so they can fully leverage their new unified communications solutions.

UCaaS is a foreign concept to many, but MSPs can't simply focus on promoting their services. MSPs need to actively educate consumers about what UCaaS is, the services that are offered, how it's utilized, and how it will benefit businesses. Not only will this draw more customers, but it will increase satisfaction among end users, while building a trusted reputation for your company. To learn more about thriving as a UCaaS provider, contact us today.

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