Job 1 As a VoIP Reseller: Make Customers Aware of the Features of IP Phone Systems

While all companies require a reliable service provider, not all business owners are educated on the services their company needs to thrive. As a VoIP reseller, your job isn't simply to sell them a product, but also to educate and guide them toward the services they need to grow as a business. Telecommunications can be a confusing topic for some, and by taking the time to make your customers aware of the services that benefit them most, you can greatly improve customer satisfaction and enhance your client retention.

Improve Efficiency and Enhance Customer Service

Many businesses may not be aware of how certain features can allow their business to grow and flourish. As a VoIP reseller, it should be your top priority to educate and inform consumers of how each of these services can lead to enhanced efficiency and better customer service.

Call Forwarding: Many businesses may view this as a superfluous feature. However, call forwarding can significantly enhance the customer experience. It's a fundamental aspect to providing optimum customer service because it enables a live person to be constantly available, thereby eliminating the annoyance of being put on hold or having to leave messages that may not be returned. No matter the stage of business, customer service should remain central to business practices, and your end user will depend on call forwarding to improve their client's experience.


Call forwarding will transfer your calls to an available representative,
so you can focus on the task at hand.

Find Me/ Follow Me: Keep in mind, many of your clients may have never heard of the Find Me/ Follow Me feature and could be unaware of how it will benefit their business. This feature enables business owners to receive the same call on multiple phones (which can be in different locations) simultaneously or in sequence, significantly reducing the chances of missing a phone call. This will not only enhance the experience of their customers, but it will also enhance their productivity as a company by eliminating time wasted checking voicemails and returning phone calls.

Decrease Labor Costs

Your clients want to save money, and by informing them of the products that could optimize their efficiency, you'll be helping them to save money down the road.

Auto Attendants: Auto attendants take the place of the operator, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary staff members, decreasing overhead costs, and improving the user experience. Auto attendants provide a series of voice menu options, which provides consistency for callers and eliminates potential miscommunications.

Video Conferencing: This can substantially reduce your clients' overhead costs by eliminating the travel expenses associated with business meetings. In addition, video conferencing optimizes productivity and enables open communication among all levels of the business.  


Video conferencing makes meetings easy,
even when staff members are out of town.

Voicemail to Email Transcriptions: A voicemail to email transcription service enables business owners to easily send emails without having to type. By sending a voicemail, they'll have the option to transcribe the voicemail to text or email format, which greatly enhances productivity by allowing them to send hands-free emails.

As a VoIP reseller, your job isn't only to sell telecommunications services, but also to educate businesses on how these services will benefit them personally. Many of these newer features are still relatively unheard of by many, and your clients may not be aware of the benefits they provide to their company. By explaining to them the increased efficiency, decreased overhead costs, and improved customer satisfaction that these services provide, you can provide your clients with a superior level of care and enable them to better serve their own clientele.

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