How Unified Communications Solutions Are Changing the Business World

Unified communications (UC) solutions are spreading like fire across the business world, with businesses scrambling to acquire UC services in hopes of gaining the advantages they need in the competitive marketplace. Cloud-based telecom services have led to a global technological shift in the ways business utilize telecom and what they expect from a managed service provider (MSP). For MSPs, this is a welcomed transition, as it's creating a vast and reliable marketplace, while providing a viable career path that will continue to evolve and strengthen in the coming years. So how exactly are UC services transforming the world of business?

stayconnected.jpgWith UC, businesspeople can remain connected from any location.

UC Is Enhancing Collaboration

Businesses are more focused on collaboration than ever before, which is a large part of what's fueling the UC marketplace. Businesses are dedicated to enhancing both internal and external communication, while experiencing advanced features that promote synchronicity in the workplace. Also, as businesses grow, they become increasingly reliant on an increased number of employees (in-office and remote) and connected devices. With UC, they have an easy way to link all company devices to a single communications platform, enabling all employees to connect with one another, as well as with clients, no matter their location or device.

UC Is Improving Efficiency

Efficiency is what drives businesses, and the technology of today is primarily concerned with innovating solutions that optimize efficiency without compromising quality. UC services can do just that. By linking together all forms of business communication, such as voice, email, text, and chat, businesspeople can meet and correspond with greater ease and efficiency. With advanced call forwarding that enables people to receive calls on any device, businesses can reduce the number of missed calls, thus providing better service to clients, while reducing the time spent responding to voicemails.

UC Provides Global Accessibility

Businesses need to be global. While large enterprises often rely on overseas workers and investors, even small companies can benefit tremendously from global accessibility. With cloud-based communications, all businesspeople can easily work, interact with customers, connect with other employees, and more, no matter their geographical location. This simplifies business travel, while allowing businesses to easily connect with remote workers. In the future, more work will be conducted via tablets and phones than ever before, resulting in a tremendous shift in the way people conduct business.

What UC Trends Will Drive Businesses of the Future?

As technology evolves, new and better technology seeks to replace current technology. However, given UC services rely on a cloud-based platform, which is the primary trait many businesses seek, it's highly unlikely UC services will ever be replaced altogether. Instead, the technology will continually be advanced upon, as providers find new and improved ways to enhance the security, efficiency, and reliability of UC services. In the future, UC services will be the dominant telecom network, as the features and functionality, such as VoIP, video chat, call forwarding, and disaster recovery, become even more advanced.

videochatting.jpgUC provides enhanced video chatting, which is a growing trend in business.


Technology is constantly changing, and as it evolves, old technologies inevitably become replaced with bigger and better solutions. Unified communications solutions are the latest technological shift, which are rapidly replacing other telecom networks, due to the increased functionality, collaboration, security, and value it provides.

The world is growing increasingly dependent on the cloud, and this trend is only expected to increase. As more businesses rely on the cloud, UC services will become the primary telecom platform, making it a blossoming industry that will only continue to grow. Contact us to learn about our advanced UC platform that will set you up for success.

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