How Unified Communications Companies Can Benefit from a White Label Platform

When it comes to selling unified communications, there are three main options for launching your company. You can develop your own service platform from scratch, you can operate as an agent of an established company, or you can utilize a white label platform. While each option has its unique advantages, a white label platform offers unified communications companies with the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective method of launching their business.


When choosing a platform, consider the option that's most beneficial to your brand.

Developing Your Platform from Scratch

As an entrepreneur entering the world of cloud communications, it may be tempting to build a unified communications platform from scratch. After all, in doing so you'll retain full rights to the platform, while having the autonomy to dictate the design and structure of the service offerings. However, designing a unified communications platform from scratch presents a number of limitations.

1. It's costly. Building a platform from scratch will require a tremendous upfront investment and is, by far, the most expensive of the options. If you're looking to start a company with little risk and investment capital, developing your own platform is impractical.

2. It's time-consuming. By developing a platform from scratch, you'll be investing months of your time into the process. This is time that could be better utilized building a brand and clientele base. It will also involve complex troubleshooting as you work to refine the platform and iron out the kinks.

3. It requires advanced knowledge and expertise. Unless you're a master programmer, developing your own platform will be incredibly difficult, and you'll likely need to recruit the services of trained professionals to assist with development.

Operating as an Agent for an Established UCaaS Company

Operating as an agent for a carrier is a cheaper and more efficient strategy than building a platform from scratch, but it still entails several disadvantages. As an agent, you'll be operating as a subordinate to an established company, rather than having the freedom and autonomy to build your own business. You'll also be limited in terms of your earnings potential, since the customers and pricing models are scripted by the carrier and you have little control over the direction of the company. If you're an entrepreneur seeking the ability to build your brand and create a lasting. recurring revenue, operating as an agent will perpetually hinder your growth.

Adopting a White Label Unified Communications Platform

With a white label, unified communications platform, you can minimize the upfront costs, get your brand to market quickly, and experience the advantages of a fully-tested and optimized, unified communications platform. At the same time, you're provided the autonomy you need to control your customers, dictate your own pricing models, and build your own brand.


White label platforms offer more autonomy and control over your business.

Rather than operating under the brand of another carrier, white label services allow you to sell the services as though they are your own, without actually having to invest the time and money into building your own platform. This enables you to launch your business quickly, while providing you with unlimited growth potential that isn't restricted by the rules and regulations of a carrier.

Getting started as a unified communications provider requires you to make a lot of important decisions from the beginning. Choosing between developing your own platform, operating as an agent, or selling white level services is, perhaps, the biggest decision you need to make. It will largely determine your profit-earning potential over the years. White label platforms provide the most flexibility and greatest autonomy over your business, while still being a simple and cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs. Browse our services to see how our white label platform will set your company up for success.

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