Remain ahead of your competitors by leveraging Internet telephony.

How Unified Communications as a Service Can Improve the Revenue of MSPs

The world of telephony is rapidly changing, and MSPs need to be willing to adapt if they hope to grow their business over the years. Unified communications as a service is an excellent service offering for MSPs, and it will not only broaden your market reach, but significantly strengthen your recurring revenue. Here are some of the top ways that selling UCaaS will benefit your telephony business.

Remain ahead of your competitors by leveraging Internet telephony.

Remain ahead of your competitors by leveraging Internet telephony.

You'll Reach a Wider Network of Clientele

By offering UCaaS, either in addition to or in place of your current telephony offerings, you'll be able to reach more clients than ever before. Both B2B and B2C companies are adopting cloud and VoIP technology at unprecedented rates, which will continue to prove true into the future. The cloud is becoming a dominant force in the business world, with over 90 percent of businesses using the cloud for at least some aspect of their operation. As globalization increases, many companies will have no choice but to turn to a VoIP solution in order to access the geographical flexibility their business model demands.

You'll Establish a Stable Recurring Revenue

Perhaps the most stressful aspect of working as an MSP is the unpredictable and haphazard payment model it offers. It's hard to keep your finances in order when your income is inconsistent, but when you're selling lump service packages upfront, finances are rarely predictable. With UCaaS, all of your customers are billed monthly, so you establish a recurring monthly income that provides you with more control and consistency over your finances.

You'll Lower Your Overhead Costs

UCaaS services can be sold through an efficient, all-in-one platform that supports the core aspects of your business including managing and delivering services and invoicing your clients. It provides optimal business efficiency, while also offering high profit margins, provided you choose a white label platform that's conducive to your growth and autonomy as a company. To improve your success, you need to find a service platform that supports agility and scalability, so you can scale your clientele easily.

Increased business efficiency means more money made and less time worked.

Increased business efficiency means more money made and less time worked.

You'll Be Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology That's Rapidly Growing

To be successful in any business venture, you need to constantly remain ahead of competitors. This can be attained by leveraging new technology for the benefit of business growth. According to a market research firm called Markets and Markets, UCaaS is anticipated to reach $24.88 billion by 2020. By maximizing on the UCaaS trend now, you can get a head-start on your competitors and create an established VoIP and cloud communications company in your region.

UCaaS offers a way for MSPs to expand upon their current service offerings and reach more clients. However, not all UCaaS platforms are designed to support your success. You need to find a platform that offers brand autonomy, low operational costs, seamless integration, and swift scalability to ensure it will promote business growth over the years. With CoreDial's all-in-one UCaaS platform, you can improve your recurring revenue and access industry-leading profit margins. Read the guide, How to Become a One-Stop-Shop By Offering UCaaS to Your Customers to learn more.

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