How to Make the Transition to Business VoIP Easier for Clients

VoIP provides undeniable benefit to companies, and yet some businesses remain reluctant to make the switch. Many business owners worry that the switch to VoIP will be time-consuming and confusing, ultimately providing a greater hassle than it's worth. There are several obstacles involved in the transition that causes trepidation among potential clients. As a VoIP reseller, you need to offer solutions that will mitigate the stress of clients and create a seamless switch-over that doesn't disrupt their workplace.

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Your client will scream with joy when he realizes how easy the switch-over can be.

Obstacle: Clients worry that they'll have to change their phone number when switching to VoIP, which would force them to update their number on websites, in advertisements, and with each existing customer.

Solution: Offer a complimentary number porting system through your business. This will enable you to quickly search for new client numbers and determine whether it's possible for them to retain their number after the switch. If the number is available for transfer, you can simplify their transition by transferring the number for them. If the number can't be transferred, you can establish their new number for them, while they update their website and advertisements to reflect the change.

Obstacle: Clients worry that installing VoIP will be time-consuming and disruptive.

Solution: While VoIP is typically installed through the router, wireless VoIP can also be used. When installed through a router, the VoIP connection is far more reliable, and this should be the end goal with all clients. However, businesses don't need to make a full switch right away. They can begin utilizing wireless VoIP, while still using their existing phone network, and phase-in VoIP at any speed that feels comfortable. When incrementally introducing a VoIP network, it's important to start with the branch locations and gradually work your way to the headquarters. This will allow for a smooth transition that won't disturb the flow of business.

Obstacle: Clients worry that the upfront installation and hardware costs will be hefty.

Solution: By phasing in VoIP slowly, clients can purchase hardware over time, thus alleviating the upfront investment expenses. Additionally, since VoIP results in more value for less money, your clients will notice an immediate reduction in their phone bill.

Obstacle: Clients worry their computer network lacks the bandwidth capacities to support a cloud-based phone network.

Solution: Offer complimentary network testing to ensure their network can support the new system. DSL connections are generally more compatible with VoIP than dial-up, and oftentimes, all that is needed to increase network capacity is a simple switch to DSL.

VoIP reseller

By testing the client's network beforehand, you can spare them a lot of problems.

Obstacle: Clients worry they lack the expertise needed to operate the system flawlessly.

Solution: By offering continued support to clients, including troubleshooting, network support, and installation assistance, you can provide clients with everything they need to utilize their network to its fullest capacity and without interruption.

People often become so accustomed to their routine that the slightest alteration can be terrifying. This leaves many businesses unwilling to consider VoIP, despite the tremendous cost reduction and enhanced functionality they'll receive. However, switching to VoIP needn't be challenging. As a VoIP reseller, there are a lot of things you can do to simplify the transition for clients and provide them with a painless and inexpensive switch. 

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