How to Know if You're Getting a Great Deal on Your White Label VoIP

VoIP services offer users with the ability to cut costs on phones, increase their versatility of usage, and access a plethora of valuable features that enhance their business model. As a VoIP reseller, in order to provide your clients with the finest services available, you need to secure the best deal on VoIP. There are several key things to look for in a VoIP vendor that will help ensure you're accessing the highest level of services for the lowest available price.


Search for VoIP with the most available features, so you can offer more comprehensive service packages to end-users.

  1. Assess the features it includes. Each VoIP vendor is going to offer a variety of features that may vary from other available vendors. Compare the availability of features with the cost of the services to ensure you're quoted a fair price for the package.

  2. Consider the level of support. Some VoIP vendors are willing to support you after you've purchased the services to ensure that you can install and operate their services successfully. Seek a vendor that is willing to help you when you run into complications, as it will save you money in installation and operational expenses later on.

  3. Search for all hidden charges. VoIP can contain a lot of hidden fees in the package. Research all usage, support, and licensing fees associated with the product and compare those fees with the standard price. While some services may seem cheaper upfront, if they are laden with hidden fees, it will end up costing you more over time.

  4. Ask if they'll perform a network test. Prior to purchasing VoIP, it's important to run a complete network test to ensure that the services are compatible with your current network. You can know you're getting a great deal on a service if the wholesaler offers to run a complementary network test on your system.

  5. Consider bandwidth offerings. Since VoIP runs on the Internet, the available bandwidth is imperative to running a seamless service. Compare bandwidth offerings among a variety of vendors to make sure that you are receiving the highest level of bandwidth for the least amount of money.

    Find a VoIP vendor that offers optimal bandwidth, so your network will run seamlessly and efficiently.

  6. Understand the licensing agreement. With white label VoIP, you want to ensure you purchase full rights to the services so that you aren't contractually bound to the wholesaler after the item is purchased. Read through all of the fine print, and ensure the company you're dealing with is serious about enabling you to maintain your own brand and retain complete control over your customer base.

  7. Understand their disaster recovery plan. Not all VoIP vendors even offer a disaster recovery plan. Compare and contrast available plans among a variety of vendors to see which offers the most comprehensive recovery system. In the event a disaster does occur, an excellent disaster recovery plan could save you considerable funds down the line.
Prior to investing in VoIP, it's important to compare and contrast a variety of wholesale vendors to ensure you're getting the best deal available. By finding a vendor that offers free network tests, excellent disaster recovery, optimal bandwidth and user support, and no hidden charges, you can be sure you're getting the best deal available. Pay close attention to the features offered with the service, as the availability of features will enable you to access a wider demographic of consumers and earn more revenue off of sales. Read more about the benefits of VoIP, and increase your success as a VoIP reseller.

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