How to Find Customers for Your VoIP Resell Business

When operating a VoIP reselling business, sometimes the most challenging aspect is finding a consistent customer base. Fortunately, VoIP is rapidly growing in popularity, with nearly 79 percent of all businesses utilizing VoIP technology. This provides resellers with a vast consumer network, enabling them to rapidly grow their business and increase their bottom line. Given the clear advantages that VoIP has over landline phone networks, marketing the services to businesses is simple and effective.

target demographic

With the right knowledge and marketing approach, resellers can hone in on a target demographic quickly.

Cater to Their Bottom Line

The key to enticing a wide demographic of clients is by marketing VoIP services persuasively. A VoIP reseller should be educated on the numerous advantages of VoIP, and use these as their primary selling points. Most business owners view their principal objectives as optimizing workplace efficiency and reducing overhead costs. VoIP excels in both of these areas and will allow businesses to streamline their company and boost employee productivity. Additionally, with more business becoming globalized, businesses are looking for phone solutions that can accommodate their global needs. Since VoIP is Internet-based, it's ideally formatted to accommodate the telecom needs of global businesspeople.

The other core aspect that businesses seek is the ease-of-use of a service. Telecommunications can be a tricky topic for most, and many businesses shy away from new technology in fear that it will be overly convoluted and time-consuming to implement. By educating potential consumers about the ease of operation of VoIP, resellers can easily entice them to invest in their services.

VoIP is considerably less involved than landlines when it comes to installation, essential hardware, and maintenance. This allows the business to simplify their business model, while optimizing workplace efficiency. For fast-growing companies, VoIP provides the perfect solution to their scaling needs. Rather than continually investing in new phone hardware to accommodate their growing company, they simply login to their account and update their subscription, creating an effortless scaling method that is indispensable to high-growth industries.

Market Locally

local businesses

Understand the needs of local business, and design your marketing campaign with their needs in mind.

Since VoIP caters to a vast network of global businesses, many VoIP resellers feel overwhelmed when marketing their services to consumers. Rather than marketing to a global marketplace, consider confining the focus to a local demographic. This creates a more manageable outreach effort and allows resellers to fine-tune their marketing campaign to cater specifically to local consumers. VoIP services are cost-effective for the reseller and client alike. This enables resellers to offer the services at highly competitive rates that will undermine local competition and gain loyal patrons.

Opt for White Label

To succeed in the world of VoIP, it's critical that resellers maintain complete control over their customer base and operate exclusively under their own unique brand. With white label VoIP, resellers can do just that, allowing them to steadily build a clientele base, while creating a name for themselves in the industry.

VoIP reselling is an ideal job as it allows people to work for themselves, while earning a reliable income. Given a majority of businesses are now utilizing VoIP services, resellers have a seemingly endless array of potential clientele at their fingertips. The key to attracting new clients and optimizing client retention is by becoming well-versed on all aspects of VoIP. Understand exactly what the end user desires from an MSP and structure marketing campaigns in a way that caters to their primary concerns. Read more about how to thrive as a VoIP reseller, and increase your recurring revenue stream.

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