How to Choose the Perfect VoIP Vendor

VoIP technology is growing in popularity among businesses, with nearly 79 percent of businesses at least partially relying on VoIP. With the numerous gains it possesses over landline phone services, more and more companies are adopting it as their primary phone service provider. However, not every VoIP vendor is the same, and it's important for VoIP resellers to understand what to look for in an ideal vendor, so they can provide the best services available to their end-users.
  1. Educate yourself on all hidden fees. Many vendors have hidden fees lurking within their services, and it's important to thoroughly educate yourself on all related fees prior to investing in the product. For instance, some vendors charge licensing and usage fees, which could considerably increase the price of service over time. Make sure you are aware of all expenses upfront, so you don't enter into an agreement that costs you more later.

    A vendor with no hidden fees is inherently more trustworthy and economically viable.

  2. White label is critical. As a VoIP reseller, you want to ensure you remain in control of your company and clients, so you can continue to build your brand. Many VoIP vendors sell their services in a way that binds you to their business, ultimately signing over part of your company to them. With white label cloud services, you can sell VoIP under your own unique brand, so you don't have to surrender any of your business to a third-party.

  3. Inquire about their disaster recovery plan. A good VoIP vendor will have a clear disaster recovery plan in place should the network ever run into trouble. This is a critical selling point that could end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  4. Educate yourself on all features. VoIP services offer a variety of unique services to businesses. In order to excel in your field, offering a diverse array of highly sought after features is essential to catering to a wide clientele base and minimizing the competition in your industry. Compare and contrast available features between different vendors to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

  5. Consider the bandwidth included. Since VoIP services are conducted over the Internet, the level of bandwidth is critical to your uploading and operating speeds. Seek a service that offers high bandwidth, so you can increase the efficiency and ease-of-use of your service.

    Pick a vendor that offers optimal bandwidth, so you aren't burdened by a slow-moving network.

  6. Ensure the vendor offers a network test. Your current network may or may not be equipped to handle the VoIP services. A sign of a good VoIP vendor is one that offers a complimentary network test to ensure their services are compatible with your current network. It's imperative to run a network test prior to investing in the service, or else you may wind up with a service that you don't have the ability to operate.  

As a VoIP reseller, in order to maximize your profits, choosing the best VoIP vendor available is essential. By methodically researching vendors in advance, you can avoid subpar services that are lacking in available features, contain hidden fees, have low bandwidth offerings, or offer an insufficient disaster recovery plan. It's important to thoroughly research a vendor prior to investing, as the future successes of your business will largely depend on the quality of VoIP services you provide. Learn more about the unique features available for VoIP, so you can expand your service offerings and increase your profits.

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