How to Boost Sales Selling Unified Communications Solutions

Selling Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a rewarding industry, but one that poses distinct challenges to the reseller. To thrive as a UCaaS provider, it's important to identify the core problems facing the UCaaS market, so you can combat these issues and generate greater sales. UCaaS has a strong hold on the communications market, but as of the first half of 2015, sales noticed a 5 percent decline from the previous year. There are a lot of ways resellers can take charge of their local market and boost their potential for revenue, while helping to universally increase demand on UC services.

Unified communications

UCaaS provides enhanced communication to businesses, but potential customers need to be educated.

How to Increase Demand of Unified Communications as a Service

The primary way to boost business profits is by creating a reliable demand. To increase demand, it's important to recognize the reasons some businesses may be avoiding UCaaS. There are a couple primary deterrents cited by businesses.

  • Businesses are unaware of the benefits. According to an Osterman Research study regarding the interest of UC among businesses, 48 percent of those surveyed were unsure how UC could benefit their business. By educating businesses in your community, you can pique their interest and generate more sales.
  • Businesses are concerned migration will be difficult. The same study found that 39 percent of businesses were intimidated by the migration process. For UCaaS providers, this concern can be easily mitigated. By offering added support to new clients throughout their migration process, you will bolster their confidence and make them more inclined to switch.

By targeting the core concerns of businesses in your community, you have the potential to considerably boost your own sales, while strengthening the reputation of UCaaS.

How to Forge Strong Business Partnerships

Unified communications

Long-term partnerships are critical to building a stable recurring revenue.

Creating strong partnerships with businesses is critical to your success as a provider. With that, cultivating lasting partnerships is time-consuming and labor intensive, and requires ample dedication on your part. While mammoth companies, like Verizon and AT&T, already have access to an abundance of firmly established partnerships, smaller UC providers have to authentically build each relationship over time.

A strong recurring revenue relies not only on demand, but also on the long-term partnerships you forge with clients. By marketing your services to a local demographic, you'll have greater potential at forming long-lasting relationships and can create a reputation as a trusted small-scale UC provider. Additionally, by keeping prices low and providing a dependable network, you can build rapport with local businesses and steadily expand your revenue stream.

As of 2015, UC has experienced a sudden decline in profits. Many businesses either don't understand how UC works, fail to grasp the benefits it provides, or are concerned migration will be more complicated than it's worth. But this decline isn't a sign that the sky is falling, rather, it's a clear window to opportunity.

As a UC provider, your job isn't just to sell UC services, but to educate those in your community about the cost-savings and efficiency it provides. Through education outreach, you can widen your clientele reach and strengthen your recurring revenue. Read our Ebook, "The Essential Guide to Offering Cloud Communications," to learn more about flourishing in the UC industry.

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