How Our Upcoming ConnectWise Integration Streamlines Your Cloud Communications Business

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The cloud communications marketplace has become an increasingly complicated place, where MSPs interact with a variety of solutions and platforms on a daily basis.


Rather than making life easier, the sheer amount of disparate technology platforms and features that providers have to navigate often creates a cumbersome, error-prone environment. Although the objective is to bring value to end-customers, technicians are often burdened with the task of learning and managing these various solutions, each of which requires specific procedures and parameters.

For example, each platform typically involves its own set of (often redundant) fields to be populated with company-specific data, which will then need to be updated on an ongoing basis as the information changes. It can be a dizzying proposition.

Many cloud communications providers, however, have found ways to streamline these time-consuming administrative tasks when leveraging disparate platforms and services, by integrating their solutions together to streamline data entry and allow providers to operate in the workspace they feel most comfortable with — without worrying about their other platforms falling out of sync.

When deployed thoughtfully, with the end-user’s needs in mind, product integration can yield outstanding benefits. Effective software integrations can:


  • Consolidate functions across technology platforms
  • Save time and labor
  • Increase productivity, bolstering a company’s bottom line
  • Add functionality
  • Enhance user satisfaction

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Introducing CoreNexa's ConnectWise Integration

Our upcoming ConnectWise integration, which syncs important data between CoreNexa Account Manager and ConnectWise — one of most relied-upon and widely used platforms for MSPs and VARs — is a perfect example of what a best-in-class integration can offer the Channel.

The ConnectWise integration delivers all the features Partners need to seamlessly run an effective, productive, and streamlined cloud communications service, all from the same platform they use to manage the rest of their day-to-day business. The integration synchronizes pertinent data between the ConnectWise Manage solution and CoreNexa Account Manager, including Customers, Items, and Invoices. These elements will automatically remain up-to-date across both platforms, and the MSP can deliver a consolidated invoice that includes UCaaS, contact center, and any other services they may offer.

What the Integration Offers Your Business

By integrating the services they use on a daily basis, MSPs are positioned to divert time away from data entry, double-checking records, and troubleshooting incompatible solutions, and put that time and energy into what truly matters: running their business.

In particular, by leveraging our ConnectWise integration, MSPs are able to: 

Eliminate double data entry: Data entry is a time-consuming, dreary chore. Ensuring that data remains consistent between ConnectWise and CoreNexa can potentially save hours of time from an MSP’s workweek, which would otherwise be spent hopping between platforms and spot-checking numbers.

Reduce human error: The need to constantly revise data across different platforms creates ample opportunity for error, impacting an MSP’s ability to effectively manage business. When records are synchronized in real-time, the potential for data-entry mistakes becomes dramatically reduced.

Streamline business processes: Increased automation enhances productivity by creating more efficient workflows. Thanks to the integration, partners can select either CoreNexa or ConnectWise as their primary platform to input data. When information automatically remains consistent on both systems, it makes for easier data searches and management.

Produce a single invoice: MSPs can present their customers with one bill that encompasses multiple services. This simplifies business operations, and increases customer satisfaction.

When an MSP delivers additional value and efficiencies for its business customers, it builds trust and increases the partner’s position as a knowledgeable, experienced IT advisor. Best-in-class integration is a steadfast way to accomplish this, delivering powerful new capabilities in a streamlined fashion, while freeing-up partners to forge a swifter path to success.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming ConnectWise integration, including when it will be available to Partners — and in the meantime, check out this short video to learn more about what the integration has to offer.

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