How Is the Internet of Things (IoT) Changing VoIP?

By now, you've likely heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is rapidly shaping the business and consumer landscape, connecting everyday appliances with the Internet to give us a cleaner, better, smarter world. It allows objects to connect to sensors, which communicate with data from the Internet to provide improved functionality and information. It can connect a parking lot to your phone to help you find an available parking spot, or connect your refrigerator to your phone to alert you when you need groceries. Now, IoT is making an impact on the world of VoIP by providing businesses with even more functionality from their phone networks.


With IoT and VoIP, the possibilities are limitless.

How Will IoT Benefit VoIP?

Since VoIP is an Internet-based phone network, it can connect to IoT applications to provide endless functions to users. With IoT, VoIP phones will be able to:

  • Connect to your calendar, so all connected VoIP devices can notify you of upcoming events.
  • Connect to your car, so your VoIP devices will receive alerts when your car is in need of maintenance.
  • Connect to your thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature from your phone, without even leaving your seat.

These are just a few of the potential opportunities that IoT and VoIP have when working together. VoIP already decreases the costs of business ownership, while improving efficiency for users. When connecting VoIP with IoT, businesses can drastically transform their approach to everyday tasks and enable their connected devices to quietly conduct work in the background, allowing them to conquer their days more strategically.

Creating a Smart Office

VoIP allows businesspeople to conduct work at any location and from any device. When connected to IoT, this ability will be greatly maximized. By connecting IoT and VoIP, businesses can create smart offices that allow them to significantly improve their efficiency and performance.


Smart offices will improve efficiency and communication.

Some of the most likely applications will include:

  • Creating businesses with open seating plans. This is ideal for businesses that conduct a lot of business travel, as employees can use their phone to reserve a desk at any office, and they'll automatically be able to access their VoIP network from their desk phone throughout the entire reservation.
  • Equipment that automatically alerts businesspeople by text or email when maintenance is required. No longer will employees be burdened by broken copy machines and printer jams, as all needed repairs will be scheduled immediately.
  • Creating a smart home, so you can construct a complete digital office from home, maximizing your ability to conduct work while away from any location.

VoIP is a powerful business tool on its own, but when connected to IoT, it significantly enhances a person's ability to conduct work and connect with other employees. As IoT becomes more deeply ingrained in the everyday experience, businesses will be turning to IoT business solutions. As a VoIP reseller, you have the ability to maximize on this trend, by supplying an Internet-based phone network that can provide all of a business's IoT needs.

VoIP is the ideal phone network for connecting with IoT, as a person can connect to their business network from all devices, allowing them to leverage business IoT from any geographical location. To learn more about selling VoIP, contact us today.

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