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How Contact Center Solutions Help SMBs Avoid Customer Service Nightmares

These days, a contact center solution isn’t just a “nice-to-have” for your customers —
it can be critical in keeping them from becoming wrapped up in a customer service nightmare.

Think about it. We’ve all suffered through the mind-numbing frustrations associated with gruff, ineffectual agents, endless hold times, or repeatedly providing the same information to one representative after another.  And oh, there’s the horror of impassive, incapable chat bots!

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Being able to avoid these disasters is more valuable than ever. After all, sub-par customer engagement can be a death-knell to businesses — especially smaller companies looking to
grow a loyal base of customers. These organizations typically have less capital at their
disposal and are more at risk if they’re unable to build sales or engender customer loyalty.
The Bureau of Labor’s statistics on SMB survival are frightening: 

  • 20% of small businesses fail in their first year
  • 50% shutter their doors within five years
  • 70% close by their tenth year

To keep from falling victim to these odds, business owners need to deliver superior engagement experiences for customers, business partners, and staff members. Successful solutions should accommodate a range of communications channels to meet the needs of a complex marketplace, where consumers have a wide range of preferences to decide how they communicate, such as
voice calls, online chat, social media, and text messaging.

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Three Contact Center Horror Stories (That Could Have Been Avoided!)

You know what they say: you only get one chance at a first impression. That’s especially true when
it comes to customer engagement — if the customer’s experience is bad, it’s extremely difficult
to win back their trust. Undesirable customer experiences can cause serious impact, resulting in everything from adverse word-of-mouth and negative reviews to public rants on social media,
and of course, lost customers.

Here are some first-hand accounts of customer service nightmares, all of which can be avoided through effective, intelligently-designed Contact Center solutions:

  • “I called a financial services company to resolve a problem with my investment account. The auto attendant routed me to an operator, who put me on hold and eventually transferred me back to the automated system three separate times. I was repeatedly asked to verify my account information, both for the auto attendant and the live agent. The information I entered never seemed to reach the next person — or the next recording — I was connected to.”

  • “I made a purchase from an online retailer and the item was damaged. When trying to report the problem, there wasn’t a single phone number on the company’s web site. I sent an email, reached out on social media, and filled-out their online contact form, but heard nothing. Since the company never responded, I felt they left me no choice but to leave a bad review.”

  • “As a customer service operator, I sometimes speak with irate customers on the phone. My system doesn’t integrate with the company’s CRM records, so despite my best efforts, I can’t locate any documentation of that customer’s previous interactions. The frustrated customer then hangs up before I can get my supervisor to intervene. I’m often left exasperated, knowing
    I don’t have the tools to successfully resolve these calls.”

The Antidote: Effective Contact Center Solutions

These horror stories all could have been averted through the deployment of sophisticated Contact Center technology. These modern communications solutions deliver rich functionality, such as intelligent call routing to send callers to the most appropriate agents and knowledge workers, “barge and whisper” capabilities that allow supervisors to easily enter calls and provide assistance, plus streamlined integration with back-office systems like CRM solutions. And all this can be accommodated from a single interface, allowing companies to deliver more seamless, effective, and satisfying customer interactions. Furthermore, by allowing agents to more easily resolve customer issues, an effective Contact Center solution helps reduce agent turnover, resulting in a more experienced long-term staff that stays vested in company outcomes.

Advanced Contact Center solutions can help organizations beat the horrifying odds that haunt the small business community. These powerful tools help businesses leverage technology to fend off the evils of dismal customer service, delivering superior engagements that can enhance the bottom line.

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