How Can VoIP Affect the Customer Experience?

The customer is the most important aspect of any thriving business, and companies should make it their top priority to enhance the consumer experience. Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly effective, particularly due to the growing popularity of online reviews. According to a 2012 study, 92 percent of respondents said they trust their friend's recommendations. With excellent customer service, businesses can improve their reputability in the eyes of consumers and increase client retention.

With VoIP, businesses will never miss a call. VoIP is equipped with a number of advanced features like Find Me/ Follow Me and call forwarding. Find Me/ Follow Me enables the same call to ring on multiple phones simultaneously, so if one representative is unavailable, the call can be answered by another representative. Call forwarding enables employees to have their work phone and cell phone connected, so if they miss a call on their office phone, it will be automatically transferred to their cell phone. This reduces the hold time for customers and significantly decreases the number of missed calls.

customer support

With advanced calling features, customer service representatives can attend to client's needs quickly.

VoIP can extend customer support hours.

Since VoIP is Internet-based, it enables complete geographic mobility. This enables businesses to hire remote workers, so they can offer 24-hour customer service to the public. This provides added convenience to the customer, as they can have their problems taken care of no matter the time of day.

VoIP comes with auto attendant.

Auto attendant is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that enables all callers to manually select options from a list and be automatically transferred to their extension without requiring a live representative. This not only reduces the labor and overhead costs of the business, but it also reduces miscommunications for the caller.

VoIP offers competitive pricing.

Given the cost of VoIP is lower than standard telecom networks, it enables businesses to cut down on their overhead budget. The overhead budget of a business is one of the core factors that influences pricing. Businesses with fewer overhead costs can offer lower prices on goods and services, resulting in more satisfied clientele.


save money

With VoIP, both the business and consumers can save money.

VoIP increases the speed of phone calls.

Customers are tired of constantly being put on hold, and businesses that can optimize phone call speed can significantly improve the experience of their customers. With standard telecom networks, callers have to provide the representative with their information every time they call, which can be tedious and time-consuming for both parties. With VoIP, all of the client's information will be retrieved automatically when they call, so they can have their questions answered in less time.

Excellent customer service is central to the success of any business. Satisfied customers inform an average of 9 friends of their experience, whereas dissatisfied customers tell an average of 16 friends. Word of mouth travels fast and the opinion of consumers has a tremendous impact on the success of a business. With VoIP, businesses have the ability to substantially influence their customer service abilities for the better, thereby enhancing the customer experience and growing their clientele base.

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