The Hard and Soft ROI of Contact Center Mobility

You may have heard that CoreDial recently integrated an award-winning suite of feature-rich contact center solutions into its portfolio. If you haven't, check out this press release to learn more about our acquisition of Voice4Net. Now our Partners can deliver even more value to existing customers with CoreNexa Contact Center, formerly Voice4Net, and confidently secure new customer accounts by offering end-to-end cloud communications services. As customer engagement continues to gain recognition as a critical pillar of success for modern businesses, it's imperative our Partners have a competitive way to answer that need for their customers. 

Providing customers with seamless mobility allows the Channel to competitively differentiate and it's a concept we’ve gotten behind at CoreDial. Why? We could answer, “because people love working with a tablet interface.” Or, “allowing supervisors to work more closely with agents is critical for productive operations.” Or even, “because tablets are easy.” All true.


But here’s the best reason of all: ROI. Mobile supervision in the contact center is an investment that will save the business owner money, and by offering their end-users end-to-end, cost-efficient Unified Communications solutions, our Channel Partners will become more successful. And, that's the concept our entire company works hard every day to ensure. So, let's dive into how contact center mobility can solidify longer relationships and stickier recurring revenue with your existing accounts and prospective customers.

CoreDial's new Contact Center solution includes mobility tools that allow supervisors to view all the same detailed call data they have access to on their desktops, but through an iOS or Android tablet.  They have the freedom to roam across the floor and assist agents, and monitor activity in real time while they’re away from their desks. This empowerment leads to savings, both direct and indirect. Here’s how:

Hard Dollars. These are easy to see, concrete, direct cost-cutters. The tablet interface is intuitive; you log on in, and it just works. Brilliantly simple. Business owners will love that they barely have to train their employees how to use it.  As a result, rather than spending valuable time and money turning supervisors into software management experts, the easy, flexible interface breeds greater productivity. Mobile access to information means that supervision continues no matter where managers go or what meetings they're in.  With the always-on convenience of a mobile user interface, what currently costs $10 per call to achieve can be whittled down to eight dollars—or even five dollars per call.  And since tablet prices are dropping all the time, the initial hard-dollar hardware investment is nominal.

In a 60-seat contact center, a supervisor can typically manage eight to ten agents. Yet a roaming supervisor armed with a tablet can easily help more agents throughout the day. Increasing those assist rates to 12 to 15 agents not only means more work gets done more, but it also negates the need to hire additional (and expensive) supervisors. Offering and successfully delivering "hard dollar" savings and value to your customers is an easy way to start a meaningful conversation with prospective customers and an exciting way to add value to your existing accounts.

Soft Dollars. “Soft” dollars trickle down from a purpose-built, future-ready solution that helps enhance supervision, increase productivity and improve the customer experience. Increased customer satisfaction generates more business. And all of your end users are looking for ways to grow their business and revenue right?

Help your customers realize the bottom line impact created by steady increases in revenue that materialize through more responsive and agile service delivery. There are dozens of tangible and compelling advantages of having roving contact center administrators who can immediately manage dispatch problems, handle customer issues, or tackle unexpected peak anomalies on the spot— and they can all help your customers boost the bottom line.

When supervisors have real-time access to call data, it helps them make more intelligent decisions about how to run their floors. This can be essential for service-based companies, especially smaller organizations, where every inbound call represents a revenue opportunity and every decision is vital.  The more skillful managers can be in running their contact centers, the more profitable they'll uncover and realize profitable opportunities.

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CoreDial's CoreNexa Contact Center
, the next evolution in our UCaaS offering, gives our VAR, MSP and IT Solutions Provider Partners a market-leading contact center solution that makes you more competitive. CoreNexa Contact Center is purpose-built to provide functionality that allows modern organizations to manage different types of contact mediums effectively and intelligently deploy internal resources. The "hard dollar" or "soft dollar" advantages you'll deliver to end users by offering a more complete, end-to-end UCaaS solution will intensify the level to which your customers and prospects seek you out and securely position you as an all-in-one resource for all of their business communications needs.