Growing the Team in 2015

We hired 25 new employees in 2014 and will hire another 40 employees in 2015. As we continue the recruiting and hiring process this year, we’ve been reflecting on what makes CoreDial a great place to work and how our business culture is changing.


What we’ve found as we grow is that business culture can’t just be top down or driven by a few individuals anymore, it needs to come from all directions and be something shared by all employees. Some businesses take a hands-off approach to business culture but that’s just not who we are.

With our partners, products and business culture we are very focused and purposeful. Over the past 12 months, we’ve been taking steps to ensure that as we add new employees our business culture is a living and breathing part of our everyday activities.


At the end of last July, we moved offices to our new corporate headquarters. The time was right as we out-grew our old space but it was also an opportunity reassert who we are as a business. We wanted to be sure that the space our employees share is in line with our vision for the company.

Our new offices have been designed with plenty of space for employees to meet and collaborate with a new cafeteria and game room. It’s a fun environment and a little bit of Silicon Valley in Pennsylvania.

A few months on from our big move, we were recognised by the Philadelphia Business Journal with a 2014 Best Places to Work award. It was a great honor and reflects the work we are doing to keep CoreDial evolving as a great place to work.


At the beginning of this year, we created a culture committee to focus on events, activities and ways of recognising the achievements of our employees. Throughout 2015, they’re going to be planning and launching some new programs to engage staff and highlight the great work we’re doing here. 

This is about ensuring that we express CoreDial’s spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, accountability and candidness in everything we do. Ultimately, the goal is a more productive workplace where employees feel appreciated and that they have the support to achieve their maximum potential.


We are hiring new talent across the organization and looking for people that want to be part of a fast-moving company that is committed to the long-term success of its partners and its employees. 

If you’re interested in joining the team, please get in touch.