Everything VoIP Resellers Should Know About Virtual Auto Attendant

Businesses today are heavily reliant on mobile devices, and more businesses than ever are utilizing remote workers or conducting work on the go. Virtual auto attendant is an imperative function for mobile businesses. It serves as a virtual receptionist that greets customers, while routing them to an available employee or to alternate devices of the employee they're trying to reach. It can be tremendously useful for all types of business people, but particularly for those that travel regularly or use remote employees. VoIP resellers need to be educated about all aspects of virtual auto attendant, so they can be equipped to offer this service to their end users.


With virtual auto attendant, customers can reach businesses more easily.

What Are the End User Benefits of a Virtual Auto Attendant?

Your clients turn to a VoIP solution in order to cater to their mobile business strategy. A virtual auto attendant can complement mobile businesses by providing benefits that include:

  • A unified mailbox: With virtual auto attendant, business people can receive all of their phone messages in a single mailbox, rather than having separate mailboxes for their cellphone, office phone, home phone, etc.
  • Improved communication: Virtual auto attendant enhances communication by ensuring business people can be easily reached on all of their devices from the same telephone number.
  • Better customer service: A virtual auto attendant results in a better experience for the end user's customers, as they can have their calls routed quickly and efficiently, allowing them to be connected to a live person more punctually.
  • Increased business efficiency: With a virtual auto attendant, business people can answer phone calls more rapidly, resulting in fewer missed calls. In turn, they'll spend less time listening to messages and returning phone calls.
  • Decreased cost: A virtual auto attendant eliminates the need for an operator, allowing businesses to reduce labor costs.


Virtual auto attendant can improve customer service and retention.

A virtual auto attendant can provide considerable value to the end user, making it an incredibly important service to offer your clients. It allows businesses to route calls to all personal devices so they don't miss a phone call, while also allowing callers to enter extensions without the need for an operator to facilitate.

How Does the VoIP Reseller Benefit from Virtual Auto Attendant?

It's not just the end user that benefits. The VoIP reseller will also experience a number of benefits from virtual auto attendant. Since virtual auto attendant is such a widely sought after service, it allows you to offer competitive services to end users that can increase your earnings. The service is cost-effective to end users, while providing ample value, making it easy to market and sell. It's also easy to use, requiring a short learning curve, so end users can implement the service immediately. By offering virtual auto attendant, you'll not only attract new clients, but also increase the satisfaction and retention rate of your current end users.

Virtual auto attendant is an attractive feature of business VoIP, and it's one that all VoIP resellers need to be offering. For businesses that utilize remote workers or conduct a lot of business travel, auto attendants are an imperative feature that can dramatically improve the flow of business. Being such a competitive service, it can also boost the profits of VoIP resellers, while allowing them to cater to a wider network of end users. Check out our services to browse other offerings that can boost your recurring revenue.

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