CoreDial in 2015: Finding New Ways to Support Partner Success

Even though we’ve been in business for nearly a decade, every year at CoreDial feels like just the beginning. 

Rapid growth, a planned expansion of our product portfolio, and the continued reinvestment of our profits in our partners will make 2015 our most exciting year yet. Despite our experience, we feel that we are still in the land grab stage of our business, as there are so many potential partners that can be successful with our platform. In 2014, CoreDial built a foundation on which to grow and now we are ready to do even more.


In the first half of 2015, we will prioritize the development of our communications client, including video collaboration and softphone features. We will also integrate a proven 3rd party taxation engine to streamline that aspect of the business for our partners and their end customers. This will expand the capabilities of our partners and help them to further differentiate their service offerings. In addition, we will be integrating BroadSoft’s Broadworks Unified Communications (UC) platform to give our partners an additional opportunity to compete and win business in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space.

From a big picture perspective, we are going to continue our focus on quality and reliability first, while executing at a faster pace to ensure we can reach more partners and support existing partners as they capture new recurring revenue streams. We are signing up partners at a faster rate than ever before and this snowballing of partner growth means we are making investments in the tools and resources to ensure their success.

100% of CoreDial’s profits are reinvested in our partners as we explore new ways to help them reach success. This year, we will hire approximately 40 new employees and spend millions of dollars on new technologies and partner enablement programs, as well as new service developments.

In the back half of 2015, we will be innovating and adding additional product lines to give partners more services to deliver to their customers. We have proven the value of our model and platform by helping partners to sell, deliver, manage, and invoice cloud communications services and we see an opportunity to expand the scope of our offering.


Using the CoreDial platform, our partners will be able to expand their target audience with new services and win more business by delivering more of the services SMBs are looking for. More details will become available throughout the year and we’re excited to share them.

It is going to be a big year for CoreDial and our partners. It is a new year with new beginnings and we can’t wait to support our partners as they capture new business in 2015.

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