Confronting End User Misconceptions About Unified Communications as a Service

Unified communications as a service is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, but there are still some companies that remain reluctant to adopt managed UC services. A lot of this stems from the myths and misconceptions that surround the world of cloud communications. By educating end users and dispelling common myths, you can attract a wider range of clientele to your company. Here are some of the more common misconceptions to consider.

Unified communications

Despite the portability and flexibility of cloud communications,
some businesses still resist the technology.

Myth: The cloud is all about saving money.

Truth: The cloud does offer a cost savings to businesses, making the cost of ownership cheaper for software and data management. However, that's far from the only benefit of cloud communications. End users need to be informed of the additional advantages that cloud communications can offer. UCaaS makes a company more efficient, improves scaling, and opens up channels of communication among coworkers. It also makes the telecom network more portable by allowing employees to tap into their corporate network from any device and any geographic location. By making end users aware of these key points, you can appeal to the needs of more businesses in your community.

Myth: It's time-consuming to implement and manage.

Truth: Unified communications as a service comes equipped with hosted PBX, so there is no hardware that needs to be installed onsite. Even if a company is currently bound to an equipment lease, VoIP networks can usually connect to the existing system, so its efficient and cost-effective to implement. As a managed service, it can allow some companies to scale back on IT workers and have their VoIP network managed by a third-party provider. Yet, many end users are still reluctant to tackle the implementation process. It's your job as a provider to assuage their concerns.

Myth: Call clarity is inferior to on-premises telecom.

Truth: This is one of the biggest myths you need to bust. In fact, VoIP provides exceptional call clarity and a wider range of coverage than a traditional phone network.

Myth: It's confusing to utilize.

Truth: You can deter this fear by providing educational resources to end users that will help them implement and take full advantage of your services. While all new technology requires a learning curve, UCaaS is fairly easy to get acquainted with, while providing value that can actually improve the simplicity of a business model.

Myth: Once data is in the cloud, it's hard to get back.

Truth: While this may have been true in the early days of the cloud, there are countless data migration tools available that make data migration fast and painless.


Data migration causes uncertainty among end users, but it's actually easy.

Myth: Cloud services are a fading trend.

Truth: Many end users are reluctant to switch to the cloud in fear that it's only a current fad and will phase out eventually. They don't want to invest time and money into something that will soon become a legacy system. However, all market research resoundingly indicates that the cloud is becoming an increasingly dominant force in the business world, and that businesses will become more dependent on the cloud over time.

Educating end users is a vital component to being successful as an MSP. UCaaS can be confusing. Many end users are relying on false or misleading information that's deterring them from adopting more cloud technology. By busting some of the major UCaaS myths, you can attract more clients and flourish as a reseller. To learn more about excelling as a service provider, read 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Hosted PBX. We are sure that you will find it beneficial.


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