Comparing and Contrasting Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications is sweeping the business world. It offers businesses a viable way to simplify their telecom and media management, increase efficiency, and reduce overall spending. Unified communications works by integrating a variety of media and communication functions together, so businesses can increase the functionality and versatility of their telecom network. With the seamless convergence of voice, video, and data, businesses can improve their productivity while trimming their budget.

Unified Communications

With unified communications, business people will never miss a call.

Unified Communications Solutions to Consider

Unified communications can greatly enhance the collaboration and efficiency of a workplace. But how does one go about choosing a solution that works? With all of the enterprise-level platforms on the market, finding the right service can be overwhelming. The key factors to consider are:

  • Features needed: There is a seemingly endless array of available features, each of which is packaged in a variety of different bundles. Accessing more features typically results in higher monthly fees, so many businesses opt for bundles that provide only the features they need. Keep in mind that the needs of end users will fluctuate with time, so investing in a platform that offers a range of features can better equip you to cater to consumers.
  • Desktop and IT network compatibility: People choose unified communications to increase their productivity, not slow it down. It's important to find an adaptable platform that can accommodate the IT networks of end users while providing them with a desktop that is easy to navigate.

In addition to features and network compatibility, consider the price you're willing to spend. For those reselling unified communications, you can earn more money over the years by investing in a high quality and feature-rich platform.

Finding a Quality Service Provider

After you've determined your personal needs from unified communications, you can begin assessing which provider offers the most value to the dollar. Some primary things to look for include:

  • Security offered: Security features vary greatly among service providers, and to ensure you are making the most of your money, it's imperative to invest in a unified communications solution that offers advanced security features. Unified communications links your telecom network to the Internet and personal devices. As such, a virus from the Internet can spread quickly between devices, causing a lot of damage to the network. By investing in a product with data encryption, firewall protection, two-step verification, and other advanced safety features, you can minimize the threat of viruses and provide your clients with a more secure product.
  • Automatic updates: Technology is always changing, and it's disheartening to invest in a product, only for a better model or software update to be released. By investing in a solution that offers automatic software updates, you can save money while ensuring you always have access to the latest software advances.

Unified communications

Routine software updates boost the operational speed of the platform.

  • Future device support: Your unified communications solution will last you a lifetime. However, devices like phones and tablets continue to evolve, and many technologies aren't able to accommodate future devices. Find a unified communications solution that integrates a software abstraction layer, so it's equipped to accommodate new technologies as they emerge.

Unified communications solutions provide businesses with a way to enhance their telecom and media networks by integrating key features together. With voicemail to email transcription, business owners can save time by reaching their party more quickly. Call forwarding enables them to answer critical business calls from their cell phone or home phone as needed. With all of the benefits of unified communications, more businesses are adopting the technology. By investing in a high-quality platform with optimal security and a plethora of valuable features you can provide your clients with exactly what they need to thrive in their business. Learn about our services and how they'll boost your ability to cater to consumer demands.

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