Businesses Are Going Mobile - What Does This Mean for VoIP Resellers?

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and this trend has been infiltrating the business world as well. In early 2014, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage for Internet searches, which signified an instrumental shift in the ways businesses conduct their operations. It led to more businesses embracing the Internet as both a marketing and communications platform, which has resulted in a growing dependency on mobile devices.


Businesses are using mobile technology at unprecedented rates.

Mobile Technology Is Imperative to Business Operations

A 2014 study delved into the correlation between mobile technology and business operations. The study surveyed businesses about their mobile usage and found that 70 percent of businesses viewed mobile devices as a way to positively impact customer relations. Another 68 percent said smartphones encouraged workplace productivity. Businesses also cited mobile accessibility as a key factor. Roughly 38 percent of respondents claimed mobile phones had assisted in communications during times of poor weather and power outages, while 20 percent attributed mobile devices to improved communication with remote workers.

In fact, mobile usage has become so pervasive that many businesspeople hardly see a need for on-premises telecom at all. Ulrik Nehammer, the general manager of Coca-Cola, says that, "Today, I run most of my business from the phone. The most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office." For Nehammer, the majority of his job is spent outside of the office, working on the front lines of his business where he feels he's most effective. Due to spending so little time in the office, his business communications occur almost exclusively from his smartphone.

Can Businesses Be Run Exclusively from Mobile Devices?

There is no doubt that mobile devices are imperative to business functioning, but can businesses really operate exclusively from mobile phones, as Nehammer suggests? According to a survey conducted by Forbes Insights, nine out of ten executives use their smartphones for business, and one in ten rely exclusively on smartphones. With the help of the cloud, not only can businesses connect with coworkers and customers easily, but they can also store and access all relevant business information from any device.



Businesses choose mobile devices for the global access they provide.


What Does This Mean for VoIP Resellers?

Businesses are turning to mobile devices to provide added security during inclement weather and outages, to connect with remote workers, to improve productivity, and to enhance customer service. All of these aims can be achieved with VoIP. With VoIP, your end users can:

  • Access their phone network from anywhere, thus opening communication with remote workers or conducting business calls on the go.
  • Enjoy improved business continuity when poor weather and power outages impact their on-premises telecom network.
  • Improve productivity through enhanced communication and added features like video conferencing.
  • Strengthen customer service with fewer missed calls and advanced call forwarding features.

Businesses are more reliant on mobile devices than ever before, with 10 percent of executives claiming to rely exclusively on smartphones. VoIP offers the ideal platform for mobile-oriented businesspeople, as it enables them to easily connect to their business telecom from any mobile device, while offering secure cloud storage to safeguard them from data loss and power outages.

For VoIP resellers, the future of VoIP will continually strengthen as businesspeople increase their dependency on mobile devices. Check out our services to see how our white label VoIP platform can help you improve your recurring revenue.

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