Building Lasting Customer Loyalty With Contact Center & IVR Solutions


For business owners, the cornerstone of good customer engagement is the act of continually reaching out and communicating with the people buying their products and services. But speaking to and with a customer are two entirely different things.

Engagement is more than just telling the customer what you want them to hear. It involves listening, assessing their immediate needs, respecting their time, and making them feel valued. To achieve this, an organization needs communications solutions that allow employees to work efficiently and resolve issues for customers as seamlessly as possible.

Sometimes this can be accomplished quickly and cost-effectively through sophisticated Interactive Voice Response systems, that provide automated information like company locations, current promotions, or account statuses. However, many interactions are more complex, requiring escalation to a one-to-one conversation with an agent or representative — which is where effective Contact Center solutions become an essential part of a business's communications.

The Critical Importance of Good Customer Engagement

Customer service is often associated with conflict resolution, since many consumers who seek service are doing so because they have an issue. That’s what makes superior customer engagement so important: successful interactions can quickly convert disgruntled customers into brand advocates.

Businesses know all too well that disgruntled customers not only refuse to buy, but often warn others away, relaying their negative experiences through word-of-mouth or social media. Allowing this to happen means wading into dangerous territory. See these important statistics:


  • Each year, the average company loses 10 to 15 percent of its customer base (Bain & Company)
  • 84 percent of customers who leave do so because of poor service (Forum Corp)
  • A typical business only hears from 4 percent of its dissatisfied customers – the other 96 percent simply abandon that company — 91 percent of them, for good (Jim Barnes, Secrets of CRM)

Contact Center Solutions Help Businesses Respect The Customer

People want to feel valued and appreciated. They want to feel their time and their issues are important, and that companies view them as a respected individual as opposed to the anonymous caller at any particular moment. 

Customer experiences have radically changed in recent years, and usually not for the better. Shoppers who were once accosted by salespeople on every retail floor now often have to work to track down an in-store clerk. Online customer service can be similarly disheartening: When users have an issue, they’re often left to fend for themselves by Googling fixes, navigating through unfamiliar chat features, or filling out generic online “report” forms. This can lead to frustration—and venting on public platforms.

Offering Superior Engagement With Contact Center & IVR

However unfortunate, this reduction in personalized, one-on-one customer experiences creates an opportunity for savvy business owners who leverage technology to bring back satisfying customer experiences — and for the cloud service providers who can offer these solutions to business owners. Sophisticated solutions can create more frictionless interaction that allows a business to seamlessly resolve issues and fulfill their customers’ goals — ideally at the first point of contact. 

Sophisticated business communications systems include the ability to retain and analyze data about how calls are handled, allowing companies to add staff or address areas where personnel require additional support. The ability to interact with back-office CRM systems is another way to improve the customer experience by giving team members access to previous customer interactions and data. These technologies help employees resolve issues swiftly, and deliver the kind of rich, satisfying experiences that customers relish. At the same time, these positive interactions do wonders for productivity and employee retention by giving team members a greater sense of accomplishment and value. 

Building brand loyalty is a sure-fire way to generate repeat business. Satisfying interactions motivate customers to become brand ambassadors, which can lead to building a sustainable pipeline that will help companies endure through any economic downturn. Sophisticated contact center technology is an important asset to achieve this, and should be considered by any business that recognizes the fundamental importance customer loyalty brings to their organization.

Start Helping Your Customers Build Lasting Relationships

Contact content & IVR technology has expanded far beyond the traditional call center environment — and businesses of all sizes are finding value in adding contact center functionalities to their day-to-day operations.

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