Key Questions for Selecting a Private Label Cloud Communications Partner

In the cloud communications market, the difference between a wholesale solution and private label model isn’t always crystal clear...

To us, private label is not simply reselling another provider’s services, but taking advantage of a fully brandable solution that combines different capabilities into a complete end-to-end platform.

For our partners that means a SaaS platform that enables them to sell, deliver, manage and invoice cloud communications while maintaining complete ownership of their customers without confusion about who is providing the service.

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The value of the private label model is that it offers Interconnects, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Carriers control over their customer relationships and the services they offer, while leveraging the agility and expertise of their platform provider.

The communications service provider can brand the services that their customers receive with the assurance that experts in cloud delivery and communications services maintain the underlying technologies and capabilities.

As it is not always clear, here are some key questions to ask when selecting a private label partner for cloud communications:

  • Does the partner offer a complete solution from quoting to invoicing or is it just a portion of what you need to provide a service to customers? 
  • Does the partner allow you to manage processes from end-to-end or is just a service management and configuration portal?
  • Does the service portal empower you to operate your business completely and independently of the partner or are they always involved in some capacity? 
  • Is each element of the service, like portals and invoices, branded with your logo or are they co-branded with the partner? 
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  • Are you able to move your customers to another partner or are the end users under terms or contract with the underlying partner?
  • Are you provided with training and support to ensure the success of the service offering or does the relationship with the partner end after selecting them?
  • Does the partner have a roadmap for development of its platform or is it happy to be a one trick pony?
  • Are you able to generate your own recurring revenue stream to support your business for long-term success with help from your partner?
  • Is there a complete infrastructure provided for you behind the browser, and is access to that infrastructure provided via a private branded portal?

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