The Impact of WebRTC on Communications Services

shutterstock 143108407 resized 600WebRTC offers users the ability to conduct real-time, peer-to-peer voice and video communications through a web browser without plug-ins.

It is a convenient way to integrate communications services in a browser-based environment and the potential in it is huge. 4.7 billion mobile WebRTC devices are expected to be in the hands of users by 2018, according to ABI Research.

Today, WebRTC is still a work in progress but it offers a number of advantages to enterprises and business owners.

What Can WebRTC Do for Me?

Direct Customer Interactions

WebRTC allows businesses to include click-to-call capabilities on their websites without the need to invest in multiple trunks. For the user, this means click-to-speak capabilities, creating a direct and seamless communications experience.

Browser-Based Meetings

With WebRTC, business with multiple sites and a mobile workforce can host internal meetings using a Web browser instead of an installed collaboration tool. This is simple and efficient, and makes communicating and connecting easy for anyone that can get online.

No More Plug-Ins

WebRTC eliminates the need to download plug-ins making it quicker to begin and manage a voice or video conference. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox currently support WebRTC, but Internet Explorer and Safari have yet to adopt it. Once all major browsers support WebRTC, there will be no need for plug-ins for communications services.

As we explore the potential of WebRTC and the technology becomes more mature here are four things to think about for the future.

4 Things for the Future: 

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  • WebRTC, VoIP and Cloud Communications are complementary and growing the communications pie
  • WebRTC delivered via SIP Trunking, common session control and open application support will drive cost-savings
  • Any service that creates cost-savings, new efficiency and a seamless user experience is a great opportunity for communications service providers
  • Innovations like WebRTC are making communications services even more dynamic, pervasive and accessible than ever before 

If you’d like to discuss the future of WebRTC or communications services, let us know. We are here to offer our partners the services, expertise and advice to transform their businesses and ensure their success in cloud communications.