Empower Choice with Cloud Communications

cloud communicationsThe world of business communications has changed dramatically over the last two decades, and the pace of change is accelerating. Small and medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of the amazing possibilities brought about by cloud-based Unified Communications. Business owners are embracing new ways of communicating that empower their workers to act in a more agile way.

It’s exciting news.

However, the structure of the communications industry has been slower to change. Sure, everyone in the communications industry is quick to embrace new technologies, but the basic industry structure of Carrier > Service Provider > Customer remains in place.

We’re seeing signs that this structure beginning to change, including our own announcement that CoreDial will integrate a BroadSoft softswitch. As most readers know, CoreDial’s SwitchConnex platform was built on Asterisk, widely considered the leading open source software for communications. So this means that CoreDial partners will be able to present their customers with options to best suit their business needs. That’s a big deal for existing CoreDial partners, as well as Interconnects and MSPs looking to grow their businesses.

Once BroadSoft integration is complete, these partners will be elevated within the cloud communications ecosystem. They’ll be able play at higher levels, deliver greater value to their customers and realize exponentially increased revenues. As CEO Alan Rihm said in the news release, “Our customers have an unfair advantage in the market, and we plan to keep it that way.”

cloud communications

The addition of a second switch holds the promise of being the spark that allows cloud service providers to transform their businesses and enhance their reach through the channel. For CoreDial partners, the key will be the single intuitive interface through which they can easily sell, deliver, manage and invoice for multiple call control systems, and Unified Communications features and functions.

This could very well prove to be a tipping point moment for Interconnects and MSPs. With a wide variety of reports indicating that IT spending will increase in 2014, and with SMBs clamoring for access to Unified Communications to help them accelerate business growth, now is the time to transform your business.

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