Here’s Why Unified Communications Is A Must-Have For MSPs

Most of what you see in the industry news is focused on the impact of Unified Communications on individual businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises, there can be considerable upside in moving to a cloud-based UC solution.

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However, there’s limited upside for service providers that aren't wildly technical or overtly salesy. There’s also very little on how and why offering unified communications is good for an MSP’s business and growth. But that’s what most owners of service providers are looking for – a powerful reason to make the move into a new line of business.

Great news – we’re here to help. Here are five reasons why Unified Communications is a must-have offering for MSPs today:

The market is growing fast, and you need to join the party.

There is a multitude of studies that forecast exponential growth for Unified Communications, such as this one from Infonetics. $377 Billion is expected to be spent Unified Communications by 2017; much of this will logically be in the long tail of MSPs that provide services to SMBs. The opportunity for an MSP is clear and significant, but it won’t last forever.

Your customers need it. Now.

Forward-thinking businesses are looking to get ahead. They want to move faster than their competition because they know it will help them grow their business. Unified communications can be a major piece of this puzzle. With Unified Communications, a company can realize the full power of data sharing and collaboration; they are transformed from “waiting for that report” to having it at their fingertips.

Expanding to offer Unified Communications fits your business model.

The typical MSP business model is one built upon recurring revenue. That’s how cloud communications are sold. While this can prove to be a challenge for traditional Interconnects (who need to adjust their model to accommodate recurring revenue – and, yes, it’s worth it), it fits hand-in-glove with the way you already conduct business. There’s no need to change comp plans or selling style.

You already have the business relationship.

Assuming that you’re having a reasonable amount of success, you already have a customer base that trusts you. That trust is a critical component of selling a new service; it’s far easier for your customer to have an honest and open discussion with you about the transition.

You can grow your revenue quickly.

With the right provider, you can add cloud-based Unified Communications to your existing data offering with a minimally disruptive ramp up process. The best options to consider provide a bundled service that enables you to sell, deliver, manage and invoice cloud communications in an efficient way.

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