Cloud Service Providers Are Fueling Collaboration with Unified Communications

Fact: Small and medium-sized businesses in 2014 want greater collaboration across their organization. They want their mobile and remote employees to have fully synchronized information because they know it will enable their business to move more quickly.

Forward-thinking SMBs have embraced – or at least want to embrace – the concept of collaboration anywhere. And that means they need a unified communications solution. True collaboration requires unified communications in order to make business seamless and achieve maximum efficiency. They foresee the danger of a mobile workforce operating in silos and creating as many information challenges as they solve.

unified communications

Busy executives are trying to solve the challenge of implementing a UC solution that works for their business. Their goal is to create and support a mobile, social, visual, and virtual workspace that maximizes team efficiency and collaboration.

It isn’t easy...unless they find the right Interconnect or MSP that can swiftly move them onto a unified communications platform that seamlessly integrates voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies. And that’s where cloud service providers come in, specifically those that can remove the pain of transitioning to a new way of communicating. The job is to architect a system that empowers the customers’ employees to work and succeed on the device of their choice. Employees expect a superior user experience, and therefore that’s what is needed in order to drive maximum usage.

This is the conversation cloud service providers need to be having with their customers and prospects. It is a far higher level of discussion than the price-focused sales conversation than the cloud communications industry launched itself with. It’s a conversation that revolves around maximizing the customer’s growth goals and creating an agile, built-to-win now business. That’s an exciting conversation for most SMB owners.

Businesses are moving faster than ever before in order to stay ahead of their competition; we’re all working in a hyper-competitive world now. Winning in this new environment requires tremendous agilitya workforce that is mobile yet connected, fast-paced yet thoughtful. Unified communications can help cloud customers succeed. The cloud service provider that delivers this solution is the one that will win.

Over and over again.

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